Diabetic nurapathy! Help!

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Diabetic nurapathy! Help!

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Default Diabetic nurapathy! Help!

Hello! I am a type 1 diabetic. And I am having beginning sighns of diabetic nurapathy. I am freaking out! My a1c has been out of control for the past 3 years highest was like a 10! And I have finally started taking care of my diabeties I am at about a 7.7 slowly going down ☺ if you don't mind me asking does nurapathy get better once you start taking care of your diabeties? I have also heard that lowering your A1c can be a painful process because the nerves are being repaired is this true? And do you have any tips on like dieting? I'm trying to get my a1c down in the 7.0 range! I saw a nurologyst a few days ago and he said i had very mild nurapathy! But my feet still feel like I have a sock over them all the time and mild pain😭 Im so scared I have already messed up! But I am willing to try to get ahold of this horrible disease I am only 19 so I hope this goes away! Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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I haven't had any neuropathy so I can't speak from experience, but I have heard others say they have slowed/stopped/reversed neuropathy by getting good control of their BG. Those that spoke of success say they have had to keep their BG at or below 120 mg/dL at all times. That would be getting your A1c down to 5.5-5.6.

Maybe someone who has been successful will post and give you more tips on how they managed. Until then, if you haven't already, you might check out Dr. Richard Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. He is a Type 1 doctor in his 70s that recommends a low carb diet to minimize insulin needed to control your BG and reduces the high and low BG swings induced from misjudging how much insulin you need. Some of the book can be read online at the link given. Chapter 7, the law of small numbers.

Surely the pain of healing has to be better than the pain of getting worse. I've heard neuropathy can be quite painful but there are some pain medications that can help make it bearable.

Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
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Hey thank you for the info its actually dangerous for type one diabetics to have a a1c of bellow a 6.5! I'm working with my doc to get that down! Thank you for the info!

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That A1C level isn't dangerous all by itself but when you are on insulin and a bit out-of-control, yeah a 6.5 could either mean that you are steady at 150 all day or swinging from 55 to 250 regularly.

I like to go by my CGM instead of the A1C. It tells me an average blood sugar, like 150, and then gives me a "standard deviation" like 20. That means my blood sugar is in a range between 130 and 170. It's easier to judge if you are spending a lot of time dangerously low that way, over just the A1C.

I don't have nephropathy but I've heard from many people that by bringing their average sugars down consistently for months (not just a week here or there), they have been able to undo the damage and lessen the symptoms. There are medications you can take too to help feel better, if you aren't on something already.

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I have slight neuropathy and take Gabapentin for it. Never have any more pain at will that medication. I also take Quinine for leg cramps. I have to get the Quinine from another country since the US won't let it be prescribed. I was out of Quinine last year for about a month and I would have 2 to 10 cramps a night! Got my quinine, good bye pain. Wonderful!

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I have 2 kinds of neuropathy - one from diabetes and one from this new medicationI'm taking. The one from diabetes goes away fairly quickly when I get my A1C down to about 6.5. I'll still get the occasional zinger until I'm at 6.4, but it's certainly tolerable. My bro uses gabapentin for neuropathy pain, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate to use in a 19 year old (he's 61). I also find that before going to bed, I sit in a recliner and put my feet way up - it settles them down for the night so that I can sleep. Try heat, try cold, try cool. Avoid alcohol (it can make it worse). If you don't have a recliner, lay on your bed and put your feet and lower legs on folded up blankets to raise them. Don't try to sleep on your side like this. You will get all crippled up. Ask me how I know this!

Here's a link to MayoClinic's discussion, but keep in mind, many of these options aren't really suitable for someone as young as you because they don't know what potential damage they could do to a young person.
Treatment - Peripheral neuropathy - Mayo Clinic

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