Tingling/Burning..Very Scared

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Tingling/Burning..Very Scared

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Unhappy Tingling/Burning..Very Scared

Hi everyone..I joined this forum because it looks very active and I am sure there are alot of knowledgeable people here.

Sometimes it helps to have some rational perspective on things which is what I came here for.

I will be thorough but make it as brief as possible: Been under alot of stress the last year/year and a half. Alot. Also I am prone to high anxiety and in the past have had odd nerve sensations that have come and gone, they just seem to hang on for a while then eventually resolve.

Over the past two months I have had non stop burning/tingling in my hands and feet. It started with off and on again vibrations in my chest, then it moved down to my groin, and once that eased up the hands and feet started up, as well as the inside of my mouth, this almost constant burning. There is also the sensation of feathers on my arms..very very light sensations like a small bug is moving across the skin. And a sensation not so much as numbness as a feeling of mild tightness across my face.

As a footnote, I went thru terrible anxiety spell last year that ended in me shedding about 30 pounds and into the emergency room for the same sensation of tightness and heightened nerve sensation. I was diagnosed as being highly stressed out. I eventually ended up quitting my job and slowly the weight has returned. (weight is within normal range)

This latest bout, the burning and tingling, has lasted over two months, constantly, and has really raised alarm bells that it may very well be something worse..one possibility being diabetes, because of the tingling..but beyond that, I dont see any other classic symptoms going on..the urination, thirst, fatigue, etc.

I appreciate you guys reading thru this. I felt the history of somatic symptoms would be of use here, so you know where I am coming from.

Sadly my Memorial Day weekend was ruined with worry, and the fear of knowing I need to go in to get some bloodwork done is making me sick with fear.

Is there anyone else out there that can relate, who may be on this board who knows a bit about anxiety's role in upsetting the nervous system, or if diabetes can cause widespread sudden burning and tingling all over the body.

Thank you very much! I appreciate it.

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Welcome, TygerTyger!

Yes, that wait can be far worse than any news you get at the end.

Soon, you'll know if you've joined our club that no one wants to join. But right now, I can tell you that, yes, diabetes can cause the numbness and tingling you describe. Hopefully, your doc will look into other possibilities as well.

If the answer is "Diabetes," the good news is that your symptoms may subside as your glucose levels get back down to normal. If that's your only symptom, you may be catching this early enough to avoid additional symptoms.

Whether you're a club member or not, we care.

Please ... keep us posted!

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TygerTyger, please tells us more about your medical reports... what is your blood sugar, have you had an A1c test, are you on any medications for anxiety or stress.

Some of the symptoms you describe above seem to be similar to restless leg syndrome, with which I have no experience with but others on this site have.

Tells us a little more about yourself... a little more about why you suspect you're diabetic. Don't worry about the blood tests coming up... what will be will be (I should write a song!!!)... embrace the results, step up to the plate, and do what is necessary to correct anything out of line!

Welcome to the forum and best of luck!

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Thank you for the quick reply.

I am not currently on any medications for stress, but I have certainly run the gamut trying both SSRI's and benzo types. I made the decision that the side effects and general "masking" qualities of the medications were not worth it..that is just me, I felt that somewhere, the REAL root of the problem was not being addressed, which is my personal genetic make up regarding emotional stress.

The only reason I pinpoint diabetes is because of the tingling/burning sensations. Maybe it's a stab in the dark, but it also may be on my mind because a few officemates have recently been diagnosed. Not really great evidence, I suppose. For them, it was "silent"..they had no idea they had it. Here I am with a load of weird sensations and ready to join the line up of the newly diagnosed.

I am normal weight and eat what I consider to be a "well informed" diet..no processed white bread, no high fructose corn syrup, soda, no potatoes, little pasta..not perfect but enlightened enough to be mindful of carb and sugar overload.

I just bought a self check thing at the drugstore a few minutes ago. I can't beleive I did this. But you are right, I have to check it out. I have not had a blood test in quite some time, so I also need to go in and get a more complete work up done, not just this home self test thing.

Thanks again

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Hey fellow cat!

I also suffer from anxiety, and I think your first step should be to go see a doc about medication for that. High anxiety can raise your BG levels too. The doc can also order blood tests or other tests to see if you're diabetic. The first thing though is to find a way to dull that anxiety so you can think clearly!


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Hi tiger! Yes I am going to go in! I just bought a home tester then read that you need test strips..I went back and they are $80 a box!! The pharmacy is closed tonight so I can't use my insurance card until tomorrow. The best bet is to just go in and get a test done, probably cheaper.

I tend to fixate on "pet diseases" instead of the obvious, like thinking I had MS a few years back. It seems like the most level headed people are actually ones who are living with various conditions, reassuring the chickens with their heads cut off, like me.

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A good tester w/cheap strips is sold at WalMart. The brand is Relion. The whole thing costs less than $20.00 for 50 strips and meter. I understand that Walgreens has something similar as do other stores.

Good luck to you,

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From a distance it sounds to me like emotionally induced heart problems. That doesn't mean you don't have other problems. I detect a bit of plain panic.

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Hi Tyger

I don't know how things work in the US but here a pharmacy will do a meter test on you. They may or may not charge you, here they don't.

You can get amazing things happening even if it is just sympathetic illness (with your workmates) or psychosomatic illness from your stress, which can even cause rashes and other quite visible things. Doctors get this all the time at medical school, they become sure they have all the symptoms of whatever disease they are studying that week.

It is good advice to check out the Relion meter and strips. Some folk sell cheap meters with horribly expensive strips, its like buying a printer for less than the cost of one ink cartridge. They make their money on the peripherals, the disposables.

How is your distance vision? That's what tipped ME off, I couldn't focus on the flowers in my yard, they were just a blur. I went and got tested at the pharmacy and was 32 (576 in your scale) so I went straight to the doctor's.

Chin up, if you DO have diabetes or pre diabetes, this is an excellent resource here in this website.

Take care.

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My vision, out side of needing reading glasses is the same, no blurriness with distance.

The symptoms, if it even is diabetes related, is limited to the constant tingling and burning in my mouth, hands feet and a few other areas that vibrate or buzz. Beyond that, nothing else from the checklist applies.

I thought the exact same thing..the meter I bought was only $20, then when I opened it up and read the instructions it mentioned "test strips" so I went back to the store and saw the price and thought "yep..just like printer ink"..although it also said that insurance co-pay will cover a big part of it.

At that point I just figured let's get the bloodwork done in a lab. That way I can check for multiple things, including hormone changes.

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