Symptoms and first few days after being diagnosed diabetic

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Symptoms and first few days after being diagnosed diabetic

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Default Symptoms and first few days after being diagnosed diabetic

Well, its happened, I've been diagnosed as diabetic... The main symptom's I had that scared me into going to the hospital was I had an internal belly button infection, that was disgusting, sore belly button that I knew was not a rash, tender all the way around, and getting worse daily, then one day when getting out of bed it burst... and a lot of stuff came out, looked like chocolate (blood and puss mixture) and it smelled horrible, it took a hand towel to cleanup the mess! That was that, I went to the hospital, and let loose telling them all the symptoms... the infection, lower leg rash that never goes away, numbness in two toes of right foot, burning sensation and minor pins and needles in both hands... and possible foggy vision in my left eye, I say possible because that eye is lazy so I'm also legally blind in it, but I'm pretty sure it is affected. Anyways, the doctor started taking samples, swab test, blood work, urine sample, and immediately sent me off for intravenous and had to go back for 3 more of them each day afterwards, and put me on pills, cloxacillin 4 times a day for the infection and metformin twice a day. He asked me when the last time I ate was, I said hours ago, maybe 4 or so... and said I'm a type 2 diabetic, my blood sugar level was at 14 mmol/l which equals 252 mg/dL in the usa. I've only just got a tester and checked my sugar again this morning before I ate, it showed as being 8.2 mmol/l which is 148 mg/dl. Now I've only been on the pills for a week, main question is typically now that I've totally cut out direct sugar and no longer drink any pop other then diet, how long does it typically take to lower my sugar to normal or near normal, and really how bad are my blood sugar results... and am I doomed to always have problems with my feet or should I get back the proper feeling in them? Its not that I suffer from a lot of pain, I don't, but having the numbness is really awkward... As a note my doctor gave me 10 days off work, (mainly because of the infection/stress) and I have been going on 20 min walks every day since. Any input would be appreciated because if I sound confused, I am... I don't know if I'm ever allowed to touch direct sugar again, and I'm not even sure about proper diet, besides going cold turkey on sweets, I've switched to multi grain bread, limiting fat in my diet, + eating 3 times a day more regularly and all the doctor said to me is my diet plan will be handled at the diabetic education clinic... Thats 6 weeks away! my feeling is I'm going to be eating like a bird the rest of my life! arrrrrrgh!

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Hi There: Welcome to our Forum!!

Well, I'm sure Glad that you went to your Dr. Good for you. I wish more would go when they notice different symptoms. I mean, I'm sorry that you have Diabetes but it's definitely better to know so that you can get back to better health and bodily repair.

Yes, I know that the numbness can be reversed since I've done it myself although mine wasn't on as much as yours is. I still know that it can be reversed even with the numbness that you have. Don't let nyone tell you it can't. It's not that bad yet. It does take a lot of work to get your sugars under control however. Your walking is a Great start plus other exercises will be helpful and getting away from the sugar. Using an artificial sweetener is helpful to make some foods taste sweeter.

At this point since you are on pills cutting out the sugar is a wise thing to do right now. You may be able to put small amounts back into your diet later.

Also pastries are plain bad for you. White flour foods like white bread, white rice, pasta, potatoes. If you are able to eat one small or medium potato instead of 2 or 3. Then that won't kill you. Forget the fries, hash browns, wedges.

If you can eat 2 small or medium pancakes instead of 4 or more. You know what I'm saying smaller portions of these types of food if you can't do without some of them. Sweet potatoes supposedly have less carbs than normal potatoes. Perhaps you would like boiled cauliflower mashed with some seasonings instead of potatoes. (No gravies by the way). Dreamfield pasta has lower carbs if you have it where you are. There are other low-carb types. If you eat noodles, then try the Shirataki noodles and spice them yourself if you like.

!% milk(if you can drink it)2% or soy milk is better than the whole milk.

You can eat a variety of vegetables for each meal. They can be filling, like cabbage and carrots(1/2 cup each), green beans and turnips all in one meal.

Meats you can eat a fair amount of, as long as you don't put a lot of regular BBQ sauce or other sweetened sauces on them. Processed meats and cheeses have a lot of sugars and salt in them. Salty foods are not good for Diabetics either although a little is okay for most. I usually use Mrs. Dash spices instead.

Salads(with romaine lettuce) are always good with say, pieces of grilled chicken or ham or bacon steak even tossesd in.

Fruits raise a Person's sugar level some but in small amounts it would be okay. You need the anti-oxidents from them.

A handful of most nuts a day, are okay. Almonds, walnuts are good for lowering the cholesterol some also.

Anyways, sorry this is so disorderly but I just wrote this stuff off the top of my head. There is a lot more. Read up on the info on the Forum here. It will help you some, I'm sure. You will learn more about Diabetes and what to eat, etc. when you have your classes and speak to a Dietician. If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask us.

I do hope that you have some discipline and will-power and a strong mind so that you will be able to get rid of the numbness or at least most of it from your feet. You can do this!! Try not to stress out too much. That raises most Diabetics sugar level. Drink your water everyday.

The 252 is too high yes. The 8.2 isn't too bad but since it was your fasting glucose test(FGL)it should be 6.0 or less since 8.2 is still in a higher range than it should be.

Aside from that, we're Happy that you are here. I believe that you are the first resident from Newfoundland. Awesome! I have a few Friends from there. Wonderful People. One Sweet Lady from there is actually one of my Best Friends. Take a deep breath.

***Life Is A Highway.......T.C.

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Hi Dosmond,welcome to the forum.Good thing like Terrie said that you wen't to the Doctor .With your symptoms numbness tickle and pain "I believe that you've been a diabetic for a while ,sometimes we wait or we say the symptoms are for other reasons.You're on the right trac ,Walking ,dieting .And let me tell you I saw a dietecian and i could not eat all she told me i could in one meal .You will be surprised at wath you're allowed to eat.Bye Richard

Hi i'm Richard alias Ricky fromMontreal Canada
Type II since 1993 meds +humalog humalin n .Parkinson disease since 2005
Bye Ricky
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its not the end of the world, sorry to hear you have the condition but if you control it you can lead a healthy life style.

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It's sad that dosmond never replied. I hope he/she is doing okay. It must be scary being out there newly diagnosed (at the time) and seeking help but afraid to receive it.

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Yeah...its not the end of the world...its a be in control of your life...

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