Strange sensation in the sole of my left foot

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Strange sensation in the sole of my left foot

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Default Strange sensation in the sole of my left foot

Hi guys, first post for me and obviously I am as freaked out as all of you must have been on your first day.

Last night got some blood work back at 8.1 fasting (144).

This week is the first time I have been to the doctor for years, and I went mainly because of 'aches and pains' - I thought I was coming down with the flu. Doctor saw a rapid heart beat and so we did blood work and also a scan to check for heart issues. Everything came back clean except for Blood Sugar and Cholesterol at 7.13.

After reading the forums I am now worried about my left foot. This week I have been feeling some strange sensations in the sole of my left foot. It feels almost like I can 'feel' the blood flowing in there. It isnt painful, just...strange. I dont feel it when I am walking on it, but i do when im laying down or occasionally when sitting in a chair.

I dont seem to have any other symptoms of diabetes that I've read about, but I do know a fasting BG of 8.1/144 is a diabetic reading.

I've been lax with food and diet for a few years but I am probably 10bs overweight. Will be cutting out carbs immediately and all sugars.

I'm worried about my foot. Doc said to change my diet and exercise before looking again in a month or so. But I feel if i bring this issue up he may be forced to put me on meds for life, without really giving me a chance to try and control it.

Worried and confused here. I would appreciate any ideas?

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i would go out and buy a blood sugar meter to test

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I agree with Emily that you should get a meter and start testing your blood sugar as you cut out carbs so you can see what effect your change in diet is having. Also, I highly recommend you go to and do some reading. It's filled with substantive information in an accessible format.

If you should need medication, there is nothing wrong with that, and it doesn't mean you would have to stay on it. Many people start on medication to help bring their numbers down, then once they stabilize and have undergone diet changes, are able to discontinue it.

Welcome to the forum.

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Hi Moon and Emily,
thanks very much for replying. I'll go test a test meter immediately.

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Get a meter ASAP and test when you wake up ( fasting) and before and 2 hours after meals. Ideally you want to be 100 or less when you wake up and
120-140 after meals or less. A normal non D will be in the 70-90 range when they wake up and 100-120 after meals. The closer to normal you can keep it the less complications you will have from diabetes. As far as the pain in your foot you could have anything. There is something called diabetic neuropathy which feels like pins and needles or sharp pains in extremities. There are lots of other foot conditions so you might want to see a podiatrist. I have chronic plantar facitisis which affects the ligament that runs under the foot around to the heel. As we age it gets inflammed and causes pain when you walk. It also causes small tears in the ligament and sometimes as these tears heal it causes calcifications and heel spurs. I find wearing good shoes with good arch support and orthodics works best for me. I have found a great brand of shoes called
Orthaheel. Their shoes aren't the prettiest but my feet love them. I have several pair and 2 pairs of orthodics I can put into my tennis shoes and dress shoes

Welcome to Orthaheel: Walk Pain Free

You can also find the Orthaheel shoes at Zappos,, and Sole Provisions. I usually go wherever they are the cheapest.

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Welcome! What fun to have a partner from China! You've gotten wisdom from the group so far, but I'd add to keep us posted as you go along. Give yourself time to see what's changing as you lower your carbs and test,test,test to see how low you can go with diet alone. If you need meds, take them until you gain control of your glucose and like many here, you may can get off them once you have the hang of dietary control.


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Smile Free BG monitor

Originally Posted by Emily View Post
i would go out and buy a blood sugar meter to test
maybe I am just lucky, but I have never had to buy a meter. Doctors have many to gove out, especially endocrinologists.
Companies give them, because they know they will make plenty of
$$ on the strips.

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