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Very Annoyed! - Page 2

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Wow - I don't blame you for your reaction! I am still "new" at this, and so far no one has found it necessary to tell me how to live. Some of my friends are type 2, and I find it safe to go to them for information.


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Good luck with that. I have about 6 friends who are Type 2's and they basically think I am nuts to want not to be on drugs and give up breads and sweets. Hopefully you won't have that attitude.


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Wow, sorry you had to deal with that. You handled it well, though I too think you should have given the whole rant like Shanny said. That instructor was clearly out of line with what she said about the t-shirt, that was straight up mean!!

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Wow. I would have been so angry with the T-shirt comment. I had to learn to buy clothes that fit me, not ones that may fit me someday. I have found that a lot of folks who haven't been above size XL in their lives really don't have any idea that "one size fits all" is really "one size fits most". I have had thinner friends buy me clothing expecting it to fit me because in their minds anything above an XL must be HUGE, and they are really embarrassed when it's still too small. Blows their minds. LOL.

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You know, I'm really not offended by the comment about using the t-shirt for motivation. To me that statement was made out of sheer ignorance on my instructors part. My other Zumba instructor understands that even though I have not lost weight from my efforts in exercise, it is still doing my body good and improving my health. Reports have shown that exercise alone does not necessarily cause weight loss. It was that she was looking to make a buck over the fact that you were touting something that you could obviously see would not have fit most the women in this class!

I've let the anger go already, but I can tell you that I will not be schmoozing with the instructor anymore. I cannot stand people who act all high and mighty and dismiss others with an air of sarcasm in their voices. Not my way.

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I loved your initial post, the attitude therein, and especially the 'talk to the hand' icon. Take no prisoners.

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You handled it well. I would've been livid, and probably would've cried in the car afterward thinking of all the comebacks I could've said.

I think I'd just respond to her that there's nothing wrong with carbohydrates, but we don't need as many in our diets as we think, and we certainly don't need grains. Grains =/= carbohydrates. Carbohydrates come in many forms. I get crazy amounts of fiber from avocado, cabbage, mushrooms, and flax meal. Those are staples in my pantry. I challenge anyone who eats a couple slices of whole grain bread per day to match my fiber intake. A slice of Pepperidge Farm whole grain bread has about 4 grams. Almost all of my carbohydrates are half fiber.

And what you said to her, which she failed to understand, is that diabetes is a disease of the glucose metabolism, and carbohydrates are the primary source of blood glucose in our diets. So naturally, as diabetics, we're going to have to restrict carbohydrates to varying degrees. She doesn't get that as a person who just has to worry about her weight. You have to worry about weight AND blood sugar. I also don't appreciate her using the term "clean," as though my bacon and heavy cream diet is "dirty." If it's dirty, then I don't want to be clean.

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Originally Posted by Miss_Blue View Post
You handled it well. I would've been livid, and probably would've cried in the car afterward thinking of all the comebacks I could've said.
like "I can fix my diet but you can't fix stupid"

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You know, I find it interesting, that two of my daughters who used to be vegetarian, have abandoned the vegetarian diet, and now just try to eat healthier. Both of them suffered health issues because of it. They were eating a LOT of grains, if you don't eat meat you almost have to eat a lot of grains just to feel satisfied. The youngest daughter was getting anemic, her doctor prescribed iron pills but she was still anemic, so she is now eating meat.
Then I read this last night on "the Healthy Home Economist" website ---
Most Vegetarians Return to Eating Meat --- interesting


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Naynay -

My comment to your rude Zumba instructor would have been "Beauty fades, but dumb is forever!"

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