How do I get tested for diabetes?

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How do I get tested for diabetes?

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Default How do I get tested for diabetes?

Im pretty familiar wiht doctors messing up, so I just wanna make sure I do this the right way. Do I just go to any doctor and ask him for diabetes? Are there specific tests I should ask for?

Thanks, I know nothing about this, and appreciate any advice, because I want to know forsure if I have diabetes.

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If you don't have a primary care physician, but you do have medical insurance, then the first place to go is see who/what is covered by your insurance. In order to definitely diagnose diabetes, you'll need the HBA1c test, a fasting blood glucose, and possibly a test for GAD antibodies to see if you're type 1 or 1.5

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Are you having specific symptoms or do you have diabetes in the family? Shanny gave you some good advice. I would call your doctor and ask for a complete physical to rule out other causes for your symptoms. They should do the normal lipid tests, thyroid tests, fasting bg and HbA1c test. Some people have an OGTT done (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test). In the US a fasting bg above 126 is considered diabetic. I think an HbA1c above 6.5 is considered diabetic. If you think you might be Type 1 a GAD antibody test and C-Peptide are important tests. Type 1's can be dx'd at any age, don't let a doctor tell you it is only children who are dx'd as type 1's.

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HbA1c 5.3 3/11
HbA1c 6.1 5/12

Age 62
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Craigy, do you live in the US? If you do then you should try and see an endocrinologist (diabetes specialist). I saw the symptoms you listed in another discussion. If you give those symptoms to an endo, the correct tests will be performed, and the correct diagnosis will be made, with an appropriate treatment to follow.

I have been Type 1 for 70 years. My A1c is 5.9. I pump with the MM 523 (Revel).
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Another couple of options ...

Some pharmacies will have occasional FREE HbA1c tests, which could give you an indication. Unfortunately, it seems from most reports that the pharmacy tests aren't quite as accurate as lab tests, but even so, there is a healthy range you should be in (most healthy adults are under 6% in this test), and if you're far outside it (my HbA1c at diagnosis was 12.1%, diagnosis is usually made around 6.5-7%), then you've got a good indication there's a problem... Ask a few pharmacists in your area if they offer this, and when.

Alternately if you have a friend that has diabetes, you can ask them if they would allow you to use their meter, a lancet and strip to do a self-test... (Any diabetic that tests can walk you through the procedure... I'd be happy to let a friend test, but that's ME. Everyone is different...) 2 hours after any high-carb meal you should be within normal range. If you're not, then you also have a good indication.

But do your best to see a physician and get some tests as soon as you're able.

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As of Apr 23, 2013: 14-day Avg Fasting BG: 4.7 (85), A1c (Dec21): 5.1%, Stats: 230lb, 6'3" now with 37" waist

Low-Carb (Usually < 45-60g per day on a 3,000+ calories daily diet)

On Metformin only for meds. Exercise 6 days a week.
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Do you have to do the home test within 2 ours of a high carb meal or could it be more like 4-6? With my work it might be hard to get such a meal in and then have time for the test.

thanks kev

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Kev? You have posted to a very old thread. We can address your issues more efficiently of you will please click over to our Introductions board and explain your situation in greater detail.

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Default The most inexpensive to test Diabetes

To find out if you are diabetic or not, to me, the most inexpensive and quickest way is purchasing a A1C self-test kit called A1C NOW made by Bayer available at WalMart or Walgreeen for about $29.90. This kit is very accurate and simply follow the instruction voila in 5 minutes, the result is in front of you. Good luck

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And you get two tests for that price, not one. One for now and one for 3 months from now. Also, while there, get a Relion meter and strips. That's the surest way to tell, IMHO.


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