Old Remedies For Diabetes Management

by Mark Benson on January 16, 2012

Superfoods to manage diabetes

Individuals with Type 2 diabetes or is on the verge of developing the full blown disease, called pre-diabetes now have some new remedies to lower blood glucose levels. Increasing cocoa, cinnamon and omega-3 in one’s diet can help the body protect itself against cardiovascular disease.

Cinnamon has been known as effective in reducing A1C levels for individual suffering from Type 2 diabetes. According to a recent study to be published in the American Board Family Medicine Journal. Another compound found in cocoa has been able to produce a 30% increase in blood flow in the arteries according to another study in the Journal of American College of Cardiology. In a recent study, people who consumed the greatest volume of chocolate had 29% decrease in the risk of a stroke compared to those that ate a lesser number of chocolate.

In another study published in Nutrition and Metabolism, omega 3 fatty acids were proven to play a major role in metabolic processes such as blood sugar processing and fat use. These acids also reduce the risk of developing adult onset diabetes. A diet that has omega 3 fatty acids help burn glucose and fat with greater efficiency and is able to help regulate storage of energy in body tissue.

There are other foods that are considered healthy not only for the diabetic but even for those without the dreaded condition. These are readily available in most stores and groceries but aside from cocoa, cinnamon and omega 3 fatty acid, the following are considered as superfoods.

  1. Beans. Despite being diminutive in size, these are packed with fiber and iron. Darker colored beans have high concentrations of healthy vitamins and minerals. Examples are black beans and kidney beans;
  2. Apricots. This fruit is packed with Vitamin A and other healthy nutrients. Having them dried would be more nutritious and easy to carry around. Prunes are also healthy food for you, not just your bowels;
  3. Berries. Among the most nutritious are blueberries followed by cranberries, raspberries and blackberries. All are helpful for healthy aging, development of short term memory and antioxidants;
  4. Broccoli. It’s easier to eat broccoli when sautéed in olive oil and garlic. Other vegetables such as collard greens, kale and asparagus are packed with nutrients. Chinese cabbage or bok choy is also an active anti-carcinogen carrier and has other nutrients in tow;
  5. Pomegranate Juice. This is a liquid filled with antioxidants that help fight heart disease and helps lower cholesterol. A small cup of this juice a day with water can really ingest the nutrients;
  6. Yogurt. Non-fat yogurt is the best, as this is great for intestinal health. Mix them with the other food in this list then you would not only have a nutritious meal but also a tasty one to last you the day.

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Randye January 18, 2012 at 9:56 pm

According to your list, beans are considered a superfood for diabetics. As a prediabetic, I keep my HA1c < 6.0 by eating around 100 carbs a day. Beans are high in carbs, despite being low on the glycemic index. Therefore, I've been pretty much avoiding them. I would love to be able to make – and eat – my delicious bean soups again, and not just before or after exercise. Please advise!


Mike July 30, 2012 at 9:59 pm

Hi! I am type 2. I want to pass on a helpful hint. Spinach leaves can dramatically lower your sugar reading. I have twice had salads with a lot of spinach leaves and felt faint when the sugar level moved on down below 100. Today I did a little test of lowering my blood sugar level controlling for the number of leaves consumed, I took a reading at 156, I ate 10 regular sized spinach leaves & drank some water. I waited about 30 minutes. I took another reading, and my blood sugar had dropped to 107. Thats a drop of 49!!! My weight is 270, so I am a big guy. A smaller person with less mass, I ASSUME, could eat less than I did. This is just a hint, and I would consult a physician, please don't take my advice outright. Apple Cider vinegar will also lower your BS level, but I have never tested it. My mom has a couple tea spoons in a glass of water at each meal to lower her BS level. Wish you well!!


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