Just Diagnosed with Type 2

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Just Diagnosed with Type 2

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Default Just Diagnosed with Type 2

Hi All,

After what feels like endless blood tests, my two HB1AC tests came back as 54 then 55. So on Friday I was told I am definitely a type 2 diabetic.

I have been monitored yearly as I have PCOS & borderline gestational diabetes which my doctor always said could lead me to diabetes at some stage.

I don't have an appointment with the diabetic nurse for a while and I am going to receive an invite to a course on healthy eating.

At the moment, I feel very frightened and scared basically for the future. Added to which I am a single Mum and have been worrying that I am going to die young and leave my children without a parent. I know I am probably just being completely over-dramatic.

I just wondered if anyone else felt the same when they were diagnosed and what I should do now, to ensure I do the best I can to live with diabetes. I want to manage it the best I can.

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to the forum.

First, whilst your HbA1c figure is higher than ideal, it's not by any means frighteningly high. My own figure started out at 66 and four years down the track, it's down at 31 - without medication. So, the first thing to consider is what you eat.

For a good background on diabetes, I'd suggest exploring http://www.bloodsugar101.com - The author is herself diabetic and has put together a very helpful non technical site covering a lot of the information that we need and can't always get easily.

On your way of eating, all too often the focus is on 'how much' rather than 'what'. Food splits into three main groups. Protein is an essential element but day to day energy comes from the other two groups, carbohydrates and fats. High blood sugar comes from carbohydrates and that's the group we need to cut back on. This site describes the idea a lot better than I can LCHF for Beginners | DietDoctor.com It's well worth exploring.

Diabetes is a condition that we do need to take seriously but with sensible management there is absolutely no reason that you won't be fit and healthy enough to babysit your grandchildren in thirty years time .


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The best thing you can do for yourself and your children is ignore the official guidelines promoted by medical teams and diabetes agencies around the world. Most of the advice prescribed by professionals makes control impossible because the 'experts' still believe that we must eat a balanced diet including fruit and whole grains, when those fruits and grains are the specific foods which raise our blood sugar to stratospheric heights. Besides which, those same 'experts' are still all wrapped up in the low-fat dogma of recent decades - the same dogma that replaces fats with carbs and has brought us to the present epidemic of obesity and diabetes. It hasn't worked in the last fifty years, and believe me, it isn't going to start working any time soon.

Here are a few sites we've come to trust over the years as having a grasp of what really works and and not caving in to professional/political pressure to hide the truth. It is essential to make the necessary adjustments to your food plan, and then clear everything with your meter. The single solitary solution we promote is to eat to your meter. If our meters show certain foods raising our blood sugar, then we stop eating those foods - simple as that. And in the long run, the low-carb/high-fat way-of-eating remedies not only high blood sugar, but also high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and some nasty gastric issues like GERD, acid reflux, etc. As LCHF goes, it's basically what's not to love?! Once you get past the part that it's the bread/pasta/potatoes/rice/etc. that is killing us slowly, LCHF is a wonderfully easy effective lifestyle.

Blood Sugar 101

LCHF for Beginners

Eat to Your Meter

Questioning the low-fat propaganda

(Oops! Sorry for stepping all over your feet, John! Never mind us, Janice . . . we all talk at the same time fairly often! =D)
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Welcome to the forum, Janice. You'll find this a great bunch of diabetics to hang out with - those who are striving to have their diabetes under control and their BG low so that they can look forward to a long, complication-free life.

Originally Posted by janiceseo View Post
At the moment, I feel very frightened and scared basically for the future. Added to which I am a single Mum and have been worrying that I am going to die young and leave my children without a parent. I know I am probably just being completely over-dramatic.
Not overdramatic at all. Fear is a great motivator. So now that you are motivated - read the links given above, and visit this forum often - ask questions, rant and rave if you need to (we truly understand). We are here to offer you some guidance, lots of knowledge, support and encouragement as you travel this diabetic journey. We've all been where you are now, and have come out winners. You can too.

70 yrs. Dx May 2010
Diet controlled: VLC/HF
BG steady with no highs or lows.
A1C in the 5% range.
Gluten intolerant, sensitive to dairy & eggs.
Eat no grains
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Just waving welcome to you, Janice. You've already been given the basics that will provide you with good health for years to come. Just work at learning what those sites teach and you'll do fine.


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Welcome! You will realize from reading more here that you are definitely able to avoid complications and live a long, happy life. Getting your BG under control is key, and many of us find that a low carb, high fat diet is the solution.


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Welcome! As an added incentive, LCHF way-of-eating has also been known to reduce PCOS symptoms.

Please be advised, that most nutritionists and diabetic educators purport a way of eating that does not result in good control for us. Which is why we, the rebels of the ADA, prefer you research for yourself what works for YOU.

Personally, it's LCHF for me. With far less fruit than I'd like.

Never anger a Dragon, for you are crunchy and go well with brie.

Dx 10/2013 : 12/2013 : 4/2014 : 10/2014 :5/2015
A1c 8.0 : 5.6 : 5.5 : 5.5 : 5.5
FBG 180 : 97 : 109 : 97
TCh 196 : 146 : 208 : 211
Tri 220 : 107 : 108 : 96
HDL 48 : 47 : 58 : 61
LDL 104 : 78 : 128 : 130
LDL Pattern A!

LCHF and striving for ketosis since Feb 2014.
Next testing due 11/2015.

Dosing with:
2000mg Metformin
Daily mulitvitamin
Daily antihistamine
Nightly magnesium
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Hi Janice and welcome to the club none of us wanted to join!! I'm so glad you found us before you had all the appointments with the dietitians/nutritionists etc.

Please read all the links you have been given and start testing yourself. You are going to be told you need to eat carbohydrates which is just not true. Test some of your carby meals. Test before you eat then 1 hour after first bite and again at 2 hours after first bite. I'm afraid you will see some very high numbers. Then test a low carb/high fat meal such as bacon, eggs, cheese in the same manner and I think you will be totally surprised.

It is hard at first, but I promise it does get easier and you will find yourself feeling so much better all around. By keeping bg in the normal range, there is no reason any of us should not live a long, healthy life free from diabetic complications.

Best of luck to you.


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