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imerictoo 08-10-2016 14:47

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Hello All,

Thanks ahead of time for reading this and providing any insight.

I am baffled.

After I was diagnosed with diabetes, I had carpal tunnel syndrome. Diagnosed by a dr, had ENT (I don't recall if that is the correct term, but was the test where they slide a "wire" under your skin to test). Was to the point that the Dr. advised I would eventually need surgery.

This was all at the time when my diabetes was under control.

A couple of years later I let my diabetes get out of control again. But all of a sudden I had ZERO carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Fast forward a little later when my diabetes is back in control, and the symptoms are back again.

I cannot figure this out. I would think when diabetes is OUT of control the symptoms would persist.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much for any insight.

T2, Meal time Humalog, Bedtime Toujeo, Janumet 2x/day

VeeJay 08-10-2016 16:26

That is rather curious.

I get wrist pain from too much keyboard work. But I've found a book that gives exercises for that and have pretty much alleviated the problem.

imerictoo 08-10-2016 22:38


Originally Posted by VeeJay (Post 1152081)
That is rather curious.

I get wrist pain from too much keyboard work. But I've found a book that gives exercises for that and have pretty much alleviated the problem.

Thanks for the reply.

BTW - what is the name of the book?


VeeJay 08-10-2016 22:47

Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. I checked it out from the library first before I bought it. But it's paid for itself over and over again. I've avoided back surgery and gotten rid of a lot of aches and pains caused from sitting at the computer a lot.

(catchy title, huh!)

My current chiropractor know the author and has worked with him. The chiro gives me exercises to do as well, based on Egoscue's.

Carbaholic123 08-11-2016 23:04


I to am having issues with my wrists along with my shoulders sometimes. Anyway, I do think I have either a tendon issue or perhaps the carpal tunnel thing going on now for a year, came on rather suddenly at the time and is getting more frequent. Just saw a Dr the other day, right now she thinks it might be osteoarthritis, (?) prescribed anti-inflammatory, will see how that goes. My wrists are what is really giving me an issue right now.
Might have to check out that recommended book.

PennsyGirl 08-13-2016 05:21

I wonder if when your blood sugars are high you lose feeling and pain because your system is awash in glucose and once you get it under control your feeling returns and the same happens with your carpel tunnel. Constant high blood sugars deaden the nerves. I know when my sugars were high my feet where fine but once I started getting them under control I had shooting pains in my feet but it eventually went away. My carpel tunnel never went away until I had surgery.

PennsyGirl 08-13-2016 05:25

Re: Pain Free
2 of his books were recommended to my DH and they were both very thought provoking. I also would recommend Pain Free to start with. Very good read.

Chery Lee 08-24-2016 11:21

Take excercise regularly, drink much water and decrease carb amount will be good for you.
Wish you better :)

div2live 08-24-2016 17:29

Seems like all of us diabetics have a tendency to fear that any health related problem we have "may be" connected somehow to our disease. I had this same issue when I found out I had Glaucoma. But after wasting lots of time researching and asking professionals, I found no definitive connection to Glaucoma and diabetes.

I have had numerous problems with joints and bones....Neck, right hand, shoulders, and knees....and having my BS under control since 5/1/2015 thanks to LCHF and this website, I have had neither improved or made worse any of my age related joint issues!?!? (Although I have lost over 50lbs due to LCHF, which I am sure has taken much strain off of my joints, but not a direct causal here, but definitely a secondary benefit!) Not that I can prove or disprove this... as I get different opinions wherever I look?

I have never heard or read anywhere that diabetes or 'sugar control in diabetics' has any correlation to Carpal tunnel syndrome. But of course I believe when you start asking people, your going to get 1,000 different belly buttons everyone, including me, has one!

From my experiences I will say, use your own experiences to test this hypothesis (I am not suggesting you load up on sugar and see what happens, just go from your history and pain levels) As we are all different and react in differing ways....what you find out about yourself, will be the best answer....Unfortunately, our medical professionals, frequently misdiagnose medical problems and/or they do not always really understand what they are selling....

Good Luck

Daytona 08-25-2016 04:56


Originally Posted by div2live (Post 1157505)
Seems like all of us diabetics have a tendency to fear that any health related problem we have "may be" connected somehow to our disease.

Taking off my moderator hat for a moment and speaking only as a fellow person, I would like to ask that we be careful about statements like this. div, it is not my intention to pick on you, instead you just happened to trigger my soapbox issue. :D

Often when dealing with medical professionals, we have a lot of doubts and fears, difficulty in fully explaining what's going on when a white-coated doctor is peering over their computer screen at you or standing up for ourselves when our concerns are dismissed. For many of us, that has helped keep us un-diagnosed or mis-diagnosed for years.

I don't care what the item in question is that is causing someone worry. If it is worrying you, you've done some research and you are still worried, please don't second guess yourself and figure that you must just be imagining things, or blaming "everything" on your diabetes or thyroid or <whatever>, or figure you'll keep quiet to avoid looking like a hypochondriac. Please, ask your doctor, get it looked at and if you feel that you aren't being respected, listened to or are being treated poorly, do what you need to in order to get proper care.

Sometimes, that means coming into the doctor with a paper with your top questions listed at the top and using it to make sure that you don't forget to ask or are intimidated into not asking questions. Or you get home from the appointment, slap your forehead and go "Doh! I said 'oh okay...'" instead of pushing harder, it's okay to call the doctor back or come back for another appointment. If you have trouble asserting yourself with doctors, bring a trusted companion to come into the exam room with you who will ask the tough questions and not let the doctor off the hook lightly. Don't think it's just all in your head and give up. Find another doctor, or get a second opinion when you aren't getting the respect and due care that you deserve.

Why is this my soapbox?

* I was in debilitating pain from undiagnosed endometriosis for EIGHTEEN years (age 8-26) before finally getting much needed treatment. I've been to the ER 6 times for it. The stories I could tell could fill a book. By the time I finally received proper treatment, I had stage IV endometriosis. Not all of it is operable, I have tumors throughout my body and am in medically induced menopause for the rest of my life. While not pleasant, without this, I would not be capable of working or leaving the house.

* I went to my family doctor and sports doctors multiple times over the years with very specific health problems caused by ... wait for it ... diabetes. I have been in and out of physical therapy for complications from high blood sugar, and because I was a child, didn't know to fight back when I was brushed off. FIFTEEN years later, oh hey, yeah I have diabetes and have to now live with what may be permanent damage to my fingers, hands and shoulders. If only I had gotten a diagnosis earlier...

* Two years ago, my hands started to "curl up" into claws and I developed horrible pain in my right thumb. I saw 5 doctors, good places with Rush in Chicago, none of whom could come up with a diagnosis other than probably trigger finger. I spent an entire year unable to use my right hand for even the simplest things, like pulling up my pants. Finally got a diagnosis aaaand it's another complication of diabetes (my A1C by the way was between 5.0-6.3 this entire time). It took 4 months of intensive, painful physical therapy to regain the use of my hand. I have to do exercises and stretches at least four times a day, ever day, for the rest of my life to keep my hands from turning back into claws.

* My entire life I have had insane diarrhea, like 6x a time dehydrating, toilet marathons. It's been the joke of my family for as long as I can remember (my nickname was brownie thunder). The doctors slapped me with the IBS label and told me to suck it up. Then a few years ago I find out that I have celiac, and that in fact I'm not a poop-shooting nutjub.

My entire life has been a series of misdiagnoses and serious complications all due to letting myself fall into thinking:

I am just being silly
Not everything is because of your diabetes
The doctors all probably think I'm a hypochondriac
Oh, they said it's not a problem so I guess I should stop worrying about it

If it's a self-destructive, self-hating, self-defeating thought, you better believe that I have thunk it.

I don't want what has happened to me to happen to anyone else. Everyone deserves respect, dignity, good health and appropriate treatment. I want to encourage everyone to foster a culture here on the forums that helps makes that happen.


Originally Posted by div2live (Post 1157505)
I have never heard or read anywhere that diabetes or 'sugar control in diabetics' has any correlation to Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel is in fact very much associated with diabetes. It and other connective tissue disorders, like tendonitis, frozen shoulder, trigger finger, etc, are MUCH more common in diabetics. It is worth looking into, and can still be a problem when one's blood sugar is under control, and you have a 5.0 A1c.

Sorry for the rant and I don't mean to derail the thread. It isn't directed at anyone and I hope only to encourage the OP to keep taking care of herself.


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