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jammer 04-19-2017 18:22

creatinine-random urine
The results of my "creatinine-random urine" test have been high for 6 months.
The most recent one was lower than the previous one but both are high.
My doctor didn't say anything and I forgot to ask.
I'm in Canada.
Am I borderline for kidney disease?

hftmrock 04-19-2017 19:49

how are you eating?

My Urea Nitrogen is 31 (High)
My Creatinine is 1.00 (normal)

by Bun/Creatinine ratio is 31 (High)

My doctor knows I am keto adapted and because of this he is not in the least worried about these numbers at all.

what is the exact thing thats high and what is the normal range?

in any case, I would point it out to your doctor and ask him/her (call them). It will give you piece of mind. You are type 1 so I would make sure everything is going well whenever you see numbers you are concerned with. Dont wait for your doctor to ask. (I called about mine when I saw it)

hftmrock 04-19-2017 19:56

High Protein Diet & Creatinine | LIVESTRONG.COM


Creatinine is filtered out of the body solely by your kidneys. Therefore, a high concentration of creatinine in the bloodstream is, clinically, taken to mean that your kidneys may not be functioning properly. However, because a diet high in protein may also raise creatinine levels, it's important to be aware of the difference between diet-induced creatinine formation and creatinine levels associated with reduced kidney function.

Bunjee 04-23-2017 20:35

There are additional tests that they do if they are concerned about your kidneys. I occasionally have a high - almost always it can be attributed to mild dehydration which is something we diabetics appear to be prone to without realizing it.

If you are going to go high protein, this is something you do want to call your doctor back on about. When my doc and I discussed the LCHF, he put a maximum grams limit of protein on because of the fact that I may have hidden kidney damage (based on history). Current studies show that protein is only a problem if you have already damaged kidneys.

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