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John13 05-01-2017 03:36

Black squiggly things in left eye

Last night without being provoked some blurry black squiggles appeared in my left eye

I have been getting treatment for retinopathy for 3 years, injection for the last year.
My sugars have been stable for quite a while now and I don't know what to do.

Has anybody experienced this and will it get better?

Can anybody give me some advice that will help

VeeJay 05-01-2017 12:31

It might be floaters, but it might be bleeding. I suggest if you can't get in to see your eye doctor that you go to the ER. They should have an ophthalmologist on call for eye emergencies.

Daytona 05-02-2017 00:30

I've had floaters (and flashers) for 20 years, they are harmless but annoying. But if you aren't sure that's what they are, then you should see an ophthalmologist to make sure you don't have new problems with your retinas.

John13 05-02-2017 03:35

I think it's the retinopathy progressing to the prolifetive stage.
It's discouraging because I'm doing everything right and it's still getting worse.

VeeJay 05-02-2017 05:18

That's too bad, John. I feel for you. My mother had similar issues.

kyteflyer 05-02-2017 19:02

Go see someone about it. I was getting flashes and floaters and it turned out that the floaters arent floaters at all, but shadows cast by small sections of the vitreous detaching. Brain has filtered out all but one large one, but its as you describe. Black wriggly.

Bunjee 05-08-2017 02:09

It could be floaters, but the floaters could be caused by a new problem since they are large. I had a large floater that the retina specialist called a vitreous detachment. It turned out to be the indicator incident for optic nerve damage (high spinal fluid pressure). So, do get it checked out and find out the cause. While it is often normal, it was SO NOT NORMAL in my case.

John13 05-08-2017 13:25

It's blood

I don't know if it's still slowly trickling out or has stopped and the floaters are the remnants of the initial eruptions.

I was moving some boxes and this might have caused it.

Even though bg levels are stable i have no idea about cholesterol levels or blood pressure complications

I'll see my retinoligist on Thursday again
Might need surge6

John13 05-08-2017 13:30

Has anyone had bleeding in the eye causing floaters

Do they eventual go away or is the blood always going to be stuck in the jelly part of the eye into excised by surgery?

VeeJay 05-08-2017 14:07


Has anyone had bleeding in the eye causing floaters
I haven't, but a friend did have an episode where an eye virtually filled up with little black specks. Was blood. I think they did a laser treatment and it took months for most of it to be reabsorbed.

My floaters aren't caused by bleeding, but I know how annoying they can be because one eye is filled with them and blurs my vision in that eye, not to mention my swatting at non-existent "bugs".

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