240g daily carbs??

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240g daily carbs??

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Default 240g daily carbs??

Hello diabetics,
I was diagnosed with type 1 out of the blue a week ago and have learnt a lot about diabetes since then. Forums like this are so much more helpful than doctors' advice (to a certain extent at least).
I have read a few threads about daily carb intake and am surprised to hear about people having 30g per day. My doctor and dietician recommended 80g per meal to me. I take 18 units of Lantus each night, along with 8 units of Novorapid before each meal.

Does that sound right? Only asking because everyone else seems to eat less in one day than I do in one meal.

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My thinking is carb load is dependent on what your meter is telling you. T2 with insulin resistance I would think would want to keep carbs low because of the amount of insulin required to keep BG level in a normal zone. A T1 with little to no IR, can afford to consume more carbs because it takes less insulin to control glucose levels.

Control is with Diet modification, exercise, supps.
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Hi, and welcome. Yes, a number of us who are on low-carb diets are T2s (or, in my case, pre-D T2). Since we don't -- or can't -- add insulin, we have to reduce carbs. There are, however, some T1s who reduce carbs so that they can reduce insulin. Maybe some of them can chime in here.

I would think that low-carb is trickier if you're a T1 or even a T2 on isulin, but if I remember correctly, Jenny Ruhl of Blood Sugar 101 is a T1. Have you been to her site yet?

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Hi and Since you've only been diagnosed for a week I'd stick with doctor's order for now - more likely than not there'll be a lot of adjusting insulin levels in the beginning anyway. Meanwhile, read and learn everything you can. That way you'll be prepared when you feel ready and comfortable enough to start adjusting your own insulin levels and carb intake to fit your life and activity level.
In addition to the website already mentioned I'd like to recommend 2 books "Diabetes type 1 in children and young adults" by Ragnar Hanås (suitable for any age, really) and "Think like a pancreas" by Gary Scheiner.
Also, don't hesitate to ask about anything here on the forum - it's populated by a friendly bunch

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I am supposed to be a type 1 (some doctors say type 2 or LADA and I am just confused) and take 24 units Lantus each morning.
By keeping the carbs to a minimum I don't need to bolus and keep my sugars in control.
There is a nice story about the law on low numbers somewhere and they compare carbs vs insulin to driving a car and speed vs control. The more you do (or speed) the more control you need or someone will die.
I find it easy to control with low carbs and insulin. Carbs seem to be difficult buggers to control hitting you at different times and in different amounts depending on what they are, the time of day, the weather, what you eat with them, how you feel, exercise, health, etc etc.
Everyone is different but most here seem to have success with low carbs.
Good luck with it.


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Here is Dr. Bernstein's laws of small numbers.

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It's mostly a timing issue. Food and insulin metabolize at different rates. With high carb intake you will have a bg spike before the insulin is working. Dr.'s are shooting for A1c's of 6.5, which says daily spikes of 200 are commonplace.

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I am type 1 and eat between 30 and 50gms of carbs a day. It is a bit trickier for type1's to totally restrict their carb intake because there are times you will need to correct a low bg in which case you will need to add a few carbs to your daily total. This being said, you are new to diabetes and experimenting can be dangerous. If you eventually decide to lower your carb intake, you will need to know how to adjust your insulin. It takes some experience to know how much insulin covers how many carbs and your different ratios. You should definitely read the links and books suggested above and then maybe discuss with your doctor that you may be interested in lowering your carb intake. A definite read should be Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution.

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