All bran ok?

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All bran ok?

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Default All bran ok?

Hi, I tried all bran this morning and after 2 hours from 113 it went to 210, I guess I can't even eat that.... I thought it was ok....

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Did you read on the label how many carbs are in it? It has a lot of fiber and that may be a hint that the concept of "net carbs" doesn't work well for us. :-(

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I'm just so frustrated I don't know what to eat anymore I don't like salty stuff in the morning like eggs and bacon

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I have to agree with hitcheca on this. I don't think the concept of "net carbs" works at all generally. It certainly doesn't for me.

Conceptually it should mean non soluble fibre but what is non-soluble for me will be different from what is non soluble for you.

And of course the marketing boys have their claws into another "hot button" concept and their figures will always overstate the proportion. (Based of course on their extensive research )

Did you have low fat milk with your serving?

As you've discovered, the only rule is "test", then test some more until you identify what does work for you. Check the labels for obvious no-nos but then get that meter out!

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Why limit breakfast to typical breakfast foods? I haven't eaten actual breakfast foods in a very long time. Whatever low carb fare you enjoy for lunch and dinner is what I eat for breakfast, too. Breakfast is usually either smoked sausage with sauteed peppers on the side, or a plate with cheese, nuts, and olives, or a lettuce wrap with any of my low carb favorite ingredients. I take deli meat and cheese with a touch of mustard (love mustard), and wrap it up into a roll.

I've also been known to have cheeseburgers for breakfast (easier if you cook them the day before. I cook several at a time and store them in the fridge, and just microwave one when you need it. They don't last long enough here to go bad). My husband loves grilled chicken (or baked, or pan-fried) with a little blue cheese dressing in the morning.

We've never limited our breakfast to what are traditional breakfast foods. Our 8 year old son loves chicken nuggets, pizza, or salisbury steak in the morning for breakfast. (not saying those are low carb - I am not too strict with him. Just saying that there's many things you can try for breakfast.)

Whatever you enjoy that's low carb - that's what I'd try for breakfast.

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Always check the labels before you eat. If you check the ingredients and the nutrition chart on the All Bran box, you'll find this cereal is made from bran AND sugar - not just bran - and the carb content is 23g in a 1/2 cup serving. Processed foods are rarely what they seem, and despite all the advertising, this is not necessarily a healthy choice. And if you ate it with milk, the milk would also raise your blood sugar.

Check our 'what's for breakfast' thread and see what others eat instead of bacon/eggs. Anything is fair game - if you have a favorite low-carb dessert, eat it for breakfast too. This is no-holds-barred when it comes to keeping our blood sugar in control - eat whatever LCHF you want, whenever you want.

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Even if you believe the science that humans don't digest fiber before the colon and don't produce any glucose from it - which I do - that serving of All-Bran contained 6 grams of straight sugar and between 1 and 2 grams of some other carb, presumably starch of some kind. If you put whole milk on it, that's another 13g of carbs - all of it pure sugar (lactose). Many people believe that lactose is a particularly nasty sugar when it comes to spiking blood sugar. If you used reduced or non-fat milk, the number will be even worse. So, that's over 20g of carbs for breakfast. Furthermore, there's little to no fat accompanying all this sugar which would at least slow it down a little. Many of us would show numbers just like what you reported eating a breakfast like that.

Furthermore, according to the author of Fiber Menace and many others, fiber is probably NOT good for us anyway, especially non-soluble fiber, the main ingredient in All-Bran. The much praised "mucus" in the small intestine is actually a reaction to the HARM of the fiber which "scratches" the intestine wall on the way through, not a sign of intestinal health. I "needed" fiber when I was eating SAD. On LC/HF, I have little to no need for it at all. The only thing it gives me is flatulence (that's a by-product of fiber being processed in the large intestine by the resident bacteria).

As for the dispute about "net carbs" - i.e., the correctness of subtracting fiber from total carbs to estimate glycemic impact - no one has accepted my challenge to date. Only a REPEATED and reproducible experiment where from a similar starting point you ingest nothing but fiber followed by multiple measurements of blood sugar would resolve this. I have no doubt that fiber does not affect my blood sugar, so probably not much use trying it on myself.

We need someone who believes they do turn fiber into glucose to check it scientifically in this way in order to know. Until then, I regard this as another urban legend haunting the diabetic forums.

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Try this for breakfast if you want some cereal, use low carb almond milk mixed with heavy cream for the milk.

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