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Sugar Free Candies and Cookies - Page 2

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Hate to hop on the Wet Blanket Bandwagon, but ... yes, grains and carbs are just as bad as sugar for us. Plus (most unfairly), many of us find that certain non-sugar sweeteners spike us ... just like sugar itself.

Testing is a Good Thing. No such thing as "too much testing," especially in our first weeks/months on this journey. We each respond to foods in our own way. What one diabetic can eat, another cannot. It's only human to experiment -- but a proper experiment includes testing. This is the only way we can each find what works for us -- and, sadly, what does not -- but pleasant news may await us as well.

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Sugar-free candies - with malitol and/or sorbitol = stomach issues (that's being polite). But these sugar alcohols don't spike my BG. It's a YMMV thing.

That's not to say I don't indulge occasionally, but I severely limit the amount (less than one serving) and frequency (never more than one a day and never two days in a row).

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Funny thing how things that taste good always has carbs in it sugar free or not. Things that are carb free has a bad taste or no taste at all.

less than 80 carbs per
3 or more walks
20 to 60 min bike ride
Dx off the chart
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Real food tastes better than fake food. Use nuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs for snacks if you find you really must have a snack. Many of us find that because we are eating more good fats, we don't get hungry like we did when eating lots of carbs. There are good snacks like fat bombs on the recipes section that are scrumptious.

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I have my fat bomb started in the fringe,sugar free orange jello . I'll pour HWC on top and sprinkle Splenda over it.
Or sometimes whip the cream and mix it in.

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I make my jello with half hot water (to dissolve the crystals) and half thick double cream. I pour it into four small bowls and put it in the fridge to set. It makes a lovely, satisfying dessert.

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You really have to watch the maltitol content. It is a laxative for a lot of people and you do NOT want to experiment with them on a workday! LOL! Also, "no sugar added" often means they used fruit juice concentrate instead, which is just as bad.

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I'd like to confirm silvertiger's point about "no sugar added".

This translates to "no sucrose (table sugar) added". It doesn't preclude the addition of other sugars including things like glucose syrup!

Again we have the rule - "read the label" - very carefully

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In June I was visiting my son and his wife in Hilo, HI -- I found a marvelous thing -- sugar free Oreo cookies -- Killed them in two days -- paid for it in both BG level and stomach

But been looking for them since in Philly with no luck...

My go to sweet is a variation of what was already mentioned in this thread: Knox blocks:

4 packets of no flavor clear Knox gelatin
2 packets of flavored sugar free jello
1 pint of heavy cream

Mix it together and cut into 1 inch squares

zero carbs --- you can check out the nutrition numbers on Calorie Chart, Nutrition Facts, Calories in Food |

called Knox blocks special...


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