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bignick 03-09-2014 17:59

Aftermath of eating LCHF
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Today my job is cleaning all the grease and residual fat from the range hood. Lucky to have a couple of collection reservoirs under there that I could remove and clean out. It's no wonder we all thought for decades this was the stuff that clogged our arteries. I find Bug and Tar remover which I think is kerosene in a spray to cut the grease really well. Much better than any detergent or household cleaner. I spray it on a microfiber or paper towel, clean, then do several passes with grease cutting detergent and water.

David Burke 03-09-2014 19:10

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Funny you're doing that today. Last weekend I cleaned my oven out using a baking soda vinegar paste. I didn't get the mix just right, was a little runny, and required a bit of extra work using a steel pad, but I think it came out ok for a first effort. The pic with floor is to show what the glass door looked like when done. As you can see by the one showing the side, it was pretty bad. It's not a self cleaning oven and I don't like using oven cleaners. The third is a pic showing the final effort Sent from my iPhone

Mollie 03-09-2014 19:17

I cleaned my stovetop 2 weeks ago when my GERD wasn't bad and I could eat the higher fat! It was gross, but looks great now!

Shanny 03-09-2014 19:33

You guys track me up! :D :D :D After years of struggling with oven cleaning, I finally got a self-cleaning one a few years ago and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner! It's the best thing since . . . err . . . not sliced bread, but . . . how about sliced bacon?! Since it's baking the bacon that usually messes up my oven. :cool:

Mary, 03-09-2014 20:47

I'd invest in anything that starts with 'self-cleaning.' :D Now that's my kind of cleaning! Unfortunately, ours is not self-cleaning but my next one definitely will be.

bignick 03-09-2014 21:21

Hummm.....maybe I need to invent a self cleaning range hood???

ICDogg 03-09-2014 21:26

You may have a self-cleaning oven but that doesn't include the range top and vent hood. Of course, if you have one of those glass top electric ranges, it's relatively easy to clean that. Not so much with the c. 1962 Caloric range top we have here. It does have a nice vent though, being on an outside wall and venting to the outside.

David Burke 03-09-2014 21:48


I think the soda/vinegar paste is the way to go. I did the stove top a few months ago and came out like new. Now it just takes a little wipe down after meals and cleaning once a month to keep it sparkling clean.

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Patdart 03-09-2014 22:15

I cleaned my self cleaning one a few months ago and went to bed. I keep my coconut oil to the side of it on my counter and when I woke, it had gotten so hot my normally solid oils were completely melted. Took all day for them to firm up! :)

Freya 03-09-2014 22:16

I'm a bit obsessive about stove cleaning (same with microwave) and clean it after every use so there is never any build up of spills etc. My stove top has a glass hood which protects it whilst not in use. I just use a micro fibre cloth with hot water and vinegar - a quick wipe and it's sparkling and hygienic.

I try to remember to clean the range hood weekly so that it's not too much of a chore when you leave it too long.

I like that people are moving towards 'natural' cleaners these days (some of us have been using them for eons). If you listened to the advertising blurb they would have you think that your home isn't clean unless you're using a myriad of harsh chemicals.

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