The Perils of Snacking

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The Perils of Snacking

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Default The Perils of Snacking

The Perils of Snacking

50 years, there was a near universal belief that snacking was bad for us. Your grandmother would say “It makes you fat”, or “You’ll ruin your dinner”. Back then, obesity was not such a big problem, so maybe they knew something. But then we changed our minds.


How did we come to make such a 180 degree turn on snacking? The answer is explored in depth by Jacques Peretti’s absolutely fascinating BBC series “The Men who made us Fat“. The answer, I suppose not surprisingly is that it was the big food companies (Big Food) that convinced us that snacking was good for us.

Sometime starting in the 1950′s the big food companies had a problem. They needed to sell more food to be more profitable. But with only 3 meals in a day, there was a limit on the amount of food sold. The deviously brilliant solution was to introduce new “eating opportunities”. If Big Food could convince us to add a snack between lunch and dinner then the opportunity to sell more food unfurls.

A whole new category of food items to sell was created. It needed to be cheap and easy to eat. A perfect job for the refined carbohydrate. After all, cookies and crackers are mostly sugar and flour – and these do not spoil. Over the years, Big Food was able to convince us that snacking was not only acceptable, but it was also healthy. Seriously.

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I well remember my
Originally Posted by kantim View Post
mother would say “You’ll ruin your dinner”.
- and I also remember that over time the message was lost.

Coffee and biscuits started to appear at the drop of a hat in the office and an open bag of sweets was almost a permanent resident of my front passenger seat in the car. After a longish drive (over an hour), it tended to be an empty bag.

Since going LCHF, snacks don't feature at all and I don't miss them - now. I agree that we do need to unlearn the idea that we need to snack and I personally think that doctors who say "three meal a day and two snacks..." are doing their patients no favours at all.

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Agreed. So hard to avoid it too.
Go to meetings at work, snacks are there.
Kids go to camp, lunch and 2 snacks given to them.
Go to school, snack and lunch and snack again when they get to daycare.

Go to friends houses on playdate with kids, snacks are offered.
2 snacks a day is now a standard.
they are everywhere.

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Originally Posted by kantim View Post
Sometime starting in the 1950′s the big food companies had a problem.
Interesting theory... Remind me of a recent post in another discussion group suggesting that the anti-Aspartame movement is a secret plot by the sugar industry to discredit artificial sweeteners.

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Back before electricity and so many other conveniences, it took hours to prepare a meal, hours to clean up afterward and by then it was time to start preparing the next meal. There weren't enough hours in the day to make snacks in between meals. When you're cooking on a wood-burning stove (or burning cobs, as is the case out on the plains), and the only water heater you have is the reservoir on the side of the stove, the regular chores of cooking/cleanup become the bulk of the days' housework. Scheduled snacks just don't enter the picture. As usual, the profit motive drives the train now-days.

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When I first started LCHF I was worried about having enough snack items to get me through times between meals so I loaded up on Almonds, Pork Rinds, cheese sticks etc. People kept saying that they didn't need to snack between meals since they started LCHF but I guess I didn't believe it. The first few weeks I did eat a snack once in a while but I find now that I rarely ever want anything between meals.

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We also offer refreshments (savouries, biscuits, cakes etc along with tea/coffee) when someone calls by. In some cultures it is considered down right rude not to do so.

Regardless of whether a meal has just recently been consumed, out come the goodies with the drinks.

I had to have a major rethink about this one in the early days to ensure that a small supply of both savoury and 'sweet' LCHF food was available for visitors who just happened to pop by (as is the case in Australia). I either don't partake or if I do it goes into my carb count for the day.

Interestingly, as I've posted before, my LCHF goodies are very much appreciated and most leave with a recipe in their purse.


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I don't care for conspiracy theories there for one are very hard to proof just one need to look at tobacco.
Conspiracy or not the arguments should stand on their own merits. I think the habit of constantly feeding make harder for the body access their own energy reserves that make for most people harder for them to loose weight. Worse the high carbohydrates snacks that industry provide keep insulin always high making insulin resistance worse for most. One think is don't believing in conspiracy but another is to think that all that money they spend on lobbing government, health organization, research academia and advertising as health products they are just throwing it away, because money doesn't matter at all when making public policies.

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I consider "snacking" as grazing. As I got older, I don't eat the prescribed 3 meals a day, I constantly graze from the moment I get up, until 2 hrs. Before bedtime. I find that I don't get the constant belly aches and lethargy accompanied by big meals. Just a steady stream of fuel for the body. I also get hungry less often. Only thing, I have to have an avocado for breakfast otherwise my day is just shot.

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I come from a long life of snacking. Especially when reading or watching TV. It is as much of a craving for me as carbs. It's "what I do".

So, when going LCHF, I still incorporated snacks into my day. I wasn't hungry, mind you, just wanted to be eating something. I have been battling this snack attack syndrome (a new syndrome!) for what seem forever.

Just lately, about the last couple weeks, I have been feeling overfull from my meals - probably because I'm eating more fats, and I've been eating a sweet dessert which is mostly fat. So, the stuffed feeling continues for several hours, up to and beyond time for the next meal.

And lately I've just not been interested in snacking. In fact, I've not been interested in eating the next meal at the prescribed time. So I've altered my eating habits - not by forcing myself to do so, but because I just am not interested in eating so much.

I have read others' posts about LCHF making them not want to eat so often, and never thought it'd happen to me, but for the moment, this is the case for me, too.

--- and I do believe that snacking causes weight gain, especially if one just eats for the pleasure of eating when one isn't even hungry.

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