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bignick 04-02-2014 05:56

No Spike With Banana Cream Pie!
Wife made a banana cream pie today. I saw her eating a slice about a half hour after dinner and it was irresistible. I had a small slice, yummy!

I couldn't help it and asked for a second. I piled it high with fresh whipped cream. I expected to pay big time but was surprised when I tested at 45 minutes and saw a 71, then 2 hours at 85.

What's going on here? I expected a spike through the stratosphere and didn't even come close to eclipsing 100.

This is not an April fools prank!

jademuffin 04-02-2014 06:54

Wow. Just wow. And don't poke that bear too much longer, it's bound to get tired of it.

Mary, 04-02-2014 09:43

That's great that you can have that, Nick. Sounds like you enjoyed it.

I remember reading that when some people have a carb overload once in a while, the pancreas can oftentimes handle it because it is not a frequent occurrence. Someone with more knowledge regarding one-time events like these will hopefully come along with more knowledge. I can't eat anything high carb, so my knowledge is quite limited in this area. I know I've read it here before, though.

smorgan 04-02-2014 09:48

If you've been eating LC/HF or ketogenic before, then that large rush of glucose could have gone quite quickly to reinstating glycogen stores in your liver. That would explain it not showing up in blood. Doing this - or certainly doing it a couple of times - could ruin ketosis if you were in it at the start. I would not do it even once for this reason. However, even barring ketosis concerns, it's probably a bad idea to attempt it more than once in a [long] while.

Two signs could confirm the glycogen hypothesis: 1) higher morning numbers for one or more days after, or 2) a nearly instantaneous weight gain of 2 - 5 pounds, being the water that gets stored in the liver along with the glycogen.

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