Glycemic Load VS Glucose Levels

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Glycemic Load VS Glucose Levels

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Question Glycemic Load VS Glucose Levels

I've been reading about the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load and was wondering if there is the possibility of estimating the total glycemic load of a meal and be able to correlate to glucose level two hours after a meal?

My last a1c level has recently gone from an average of 6.5 to 7.7 and my Doctor is anxious to put me on insulin. I believe that if I watch my diet more closely that I can advoid this.

Is there any information any of you might recommend where I might find more information on this subject?

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Diagnosed in 1961-now 50+ years with Diabetes

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Hi There Gator:

I apologize for taking so long. Our summer vacationers have started showing up already and it's not even summer yet.

It's Nice to meet you. WoW...I just read your profile. You've been a Type 2 for 40 years and you haven't been on Insulin yet??? Amazing! I'm Very impressed. I haven't heard of a Type 2 going that many years without Insulin injections. Congrats!

It's unfortunate that your A1c climbed that much higher. Has anything changed concerning your regime or perhaps stressful situations? I'm surprised that your pancreas was still secreting your own Insulin for that many years. May I ask if you have any complications?

Injected Insulin is not usually a bad idea. Many Drs. nowadays start their Type 2 Patients off with exercise, diet and Insulin to get them under immediate control since Type 2's usually have had Diabetes for a few years before they are dxd. Thus continued higher sugars could cause them early complications.

I do admire your determination in trying to keep your Diabetes under control. Much Luck to you in getting your sugars back down. Tell us how it goes please.

As you know, Mendosa is one of the Best...he's Very dedicated. Past him and the leading GI experts at University of Sydney, I don't know who else to mention. I would imagine both of their answers are tops on that subject.

I usually find Wiki helpful:

Insulin index - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Default Insulin Index

Hi Terri,
Thanks for the response. I was not aware about the "insulin index" and it is something for further study.

I'm hoping to stay away from going on insulin because of all of the management required. I'm 84 now and have some other medical problems that need to be resolved. Some of these may be responsible for the increased A1c.

I don't get restful sleep even though I use a cpap machine. I'm also very tired and I need to get exercise which I don't get. And of course I'm overweight which I'm also trying to correct.

I do have another question. Can the fact that my muscles are not taking up the glucose readily because of insulin resistance affect my tiredness? Once you get on insulin and things get under control, like weight reduction, etc. is there a possiblity to return to oral meds?

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Diagnosed in 1961-now 50+ years with Diabetes

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Hi Gator:

Wow! You're 84? Now I'm even more impressed. Good job!

Do you exercise daily? That helps in taking up the Insulin, as you know. Type 2 is different in that way than Type 1. Type 1's normally lose weight from being out of control. Then gain it back some when they have better control. If your sugars are higher that will make you tired. Does the other disease that you have also cause fatigue?

There is another med that controls blood sugars in Type 2's. It's called Byetta. It also helps them to lose weight because it makes them feel a bit nausea(Ya, I know)so they are not hungry usually.

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Originally Posted by Terrie View Post
Hi There Gator:


I usually find Wiki helpful:

Wiki link removed so I can post this
Interesting article. I actually found the wiki article first (before finding this discussion thread), and wondered whether instead of a carbohydrate counter, whether an "Insulin Counter" would be better? Reason is the above wiki article suggests that some foods low in carbohydrates still cause a bodily insulin response. To quote:

"This measure [Insulin Index] can be more useful than either the Glycemic Index or the Glycemic Load because certain foods (e.g., lean meats and proteins) cause an insulin response despite there being no carbohydrates present, and some foods cause a disproportionate insulin response relative to their carbohydrate load."

For example, in my searches I found out that lamb chops have zero carbs, so cue silence of the lambs music, I cannibalised 4.5 ounces of previously grilled lamb chop. But when I thought about it, my body is still going to have to release and regulate insulin to digest this lamb chop, so it's not just simply looking up a foods carb content, and serving.

I guess I can't wait till my glucose meter arrives, but it would be nice if I could find a a comprehensive Insulin Index, other than the one at w-w-w.mendosa.c-o-m/insulin_index.h-t-m [Insulin Index]

Any leads, links and suggestions to such a comprehensive insulin index? Anyone?


Ok, Post script. I should have done a search first before posting this reply. There are many other references to Insulin Index, including Glycemic Load charts. If anybody wants links or leads let me know.

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