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Diabetes Diet and Nutrition A healthy, well balanced, nutritious diet which factors in Diabetes can be crucial for the long term management of Diabetes. Use this section to discuss your diet, what you would like to try, swap recipes and more.

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LCHF and Regularity - Page 2

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So far (knock on wood) I am getting no cramping or diarrhea issues from using the normal Metformin.

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Originally Posted by TommyTechnology View Post
I should point out that when "I go totally super fiber commando, eating Romaine, Spinach, celery, zucchini." that I tend to always put plenty of butter or mayonnaise on my veggies, which maybe could make the fiber less effective?? Hope that doesn't matter, because eating veggies without the fun butter or mayo covering is not something I think I am ready to do quite yet..... feel free to take or leave it...fiber is pretty useless. "Eliminations" are based on what our body can't/doesn't use. If we use more of what we eat for fuel, repair, etc then there won't be as much waste.

Instead of eating more fiber, and thereby eating more carbs, try upping the amounts of fat, especially CO. It should help your insides "run like a well oiled machine" Pun definitely intended.

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Maybe fiber helps with SAD diet. When I had my hemi's done, I was told to eat a salad and an apple a day. It kept me comfortable while healing. That was before I got the sugars though.

I have not noticed any changes since I dropped metformin back earlier this year.

Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
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64 YY Love the LCHF diet. The cheese goes well with my whine

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MedlinePlus , RxList and the drug information sheet my pharmacy gives me with my own Rx list both diarrhea and constipation, along with other GI symptoms like cramping, gas, bloating, nausea, discomfort, etc., as side effects of metformin and glucophage. Also, a Google search of "metformin constipation side effect" turns up 1.25 million hits. The first couple of pages I reviewed linked to patients complaining of constipation associated with its use.

Maybe I should have read more, but I can only speak from my personal experience. My MD prescribed metformin ER when I was diagnosed because I already had a tendency toward constipation from other meds I take. Bowel habits never changed since I added it to my chronic meds regimen. Don't really know why anybody else switches from one to the other, just why my doctor declined to give me plain metformin. Just thought it might be worth a try. YMMV.

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Default Magnesium

Another thing you might want to think about is your magnesium status. It's a mineral that's vital to hundreds of enzymes functioning well and it is also very helpful with maintaining healthy bowel movement. I remember one time I bought a huge bag of spinach from Costco and began eating it in large quantities, mostly by steaming and/or sautéing. I soon had more bowel action than I wanted, since the chlorophyll in spinach contains a central molecule of magnesium. I was getting large amounts of the mineral along with the other healthy things in my greens. Since then I carry magnesium with me when I travel because travel often results in bowel problems. Phillips Milk of Magnesia tablets are a convenient way to go but you can also just use magnesium oxide caps.

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I have the same issues as you and since it's not my "norm", is kind of disturbing. I know it's not really a problem, but it's just not "normal".

I originally had the opposite problem, diarrhea, with generic metformin, but before realizing that, thought it was being caused by the coconut oil I was eating.
Anyway, I had given up coconut oil a while back because I thought that was causing me the issue. Now that I'm having the every few days issue, I started eating a spoonful of coconut oil after dinner and it seems to be helping. I eat it at night so that if it causing things to move too much or too quickly, it will hopefully be done by the time I have to leave for work in the morning. Haven't had a problem yet, though.
All of that to say "give coconut oil a try".

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When you first start eating CO, it can cause a major detox. But, after a few days it calms down. So, it may have been the CO cleaning you out.

There are two approaches to beginning to eat CO (if you suspect you need some cleaning out). (1) Start with small amounts and build up. (2) Plan to do no traveling for a few days. Put a good book - one you never had time to read - near the throne.

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- Nancy

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Originally Posted by Shanny View Post
If by 'constipated' you mean only that the movements have become less frequent, then that is because there's less waste to eliminate since we're eating a more 'pure' diet which is being used up in nourishing our bodies. The volume of waste is much less so fewer movements.
That's what I think, too, though the only thing I have to go on is that this is what happened with my cats I know I'm not a cat, but it could be true for humans: Less waste, smaller movements.

My problem, though, is that they're also hard and difficult to pass. Still working on that one. When I first started LCHF, though, things were good. Maybe I just need to add more fat back in.

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Originally Posted by Mar2a View Post
That's what I think, too, though the only thing I have to go on is that this is what happened with my cats I know I'm not a cat, but it could be true for humans: Less waste, smaller movements.

My problem, though, is that they're also hard and difficult to pass. Still working on that one. When I first started LCHF, though, things were good. Maybe I just need to add more fat back in.
I take stool softeners, 2 a day in the morn. My dr said you can always take them...they do no harm.....colace is the name, but I buy a generic one from Walmart. They don't make you go, just keep the stools soft enough to pass

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lchf, regularity

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