Need help lowering carbs

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Need help lowering carbs

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Default Need help lowering carbs

Hi all.

I started this journey at over 400 lbs. I lost over 40 by eating about 120g of carbs per day. It worked for a while, but my addiction to carbs had me slowly increasing the carbs and fudging the numbers, so the weight loss stopped.

I now realize I need to not eat carbs, FULL STOP, at least for a while. Maybe that's why Atkins has the induction phase.

I don't know if I need to avoid even artificial sweeteners. Those of you who eat very low carb, did you find that artificial sweeteners triggered cravings?


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Originally Posted by silvertiger View Post
Those of you who eat very low carb, did you find that artificial sweeteners triggered cravings?
Yes,that's what a recent study found. But personally, I don't see the addiction.

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Originally Posted by silvertiger View Post
I don't know if I need to avoid even artificial sweeteners. Those of you who eat very low carb, did you find that artificial sweeteners triggered cravings?
I have zero idea if there is any scientific basis for it, but in my case, I completely believe artificial sweeteners triggered cravings.

I started LCHF in January 2013, with all the diet soda, Crystal Light, MIO, etc., I wanted to drink. I made the artificially-sweetened LC cheesecakes and other desserts. And I craved. I cheated. Constantly. By May or June 2013, I was off LCHF, eating like I used to, putting weight back on and ignoring my blood sugar levels, because I knew they would be high.

I quit drinking diet soda and other artificially-sweetened drinks in August 2013, but continued to eat whatever I wanted to. In January 2014, I went back on LCHF, and have had absolutely no problem sticking to it this time. No cheating. Good BG control, mostly between 90-110. An easy loss of 30+ pounds.

Giving up diet soda was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I was completely addicted. But having gone through that made it much easier to give up sugar, grains, starches, etc., in January. I have zero cravings or desire for carby stuff.

I know that other people have no problems with artificial sweeteners, but give them up for a while and see what happens. You have nothing to lose, and if it doesn't make any difference, you can always start consuming them again.

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Not a problem here, as far as triggering cravings. But it has kept my sweet tooth alive and well. (I eat VLC and am ketosis, so my indulgences are all artificially sweetened.)

I do know that eating carbs WILL cause carb cravings. The secret to eating low carb successfully is to increase fats. With this WOE one gets over the cravings quickly and each meal is satisfying with no hunger.

Most of the folks on this forum who are successfully controlling their BG eat less than 50g carbs per day. And most lose weight without effort.

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I started LCHF with just about every artificial sweetener under the sun, but over time I've found that my sweet tooth is apparently rotting away, because I have less and less desire to sweeten anything. Now I use one or two drops of EZ-Sweetz liquid sucralose if I use anything at all, and usually two drops is too much. I can't say which came first - I'm just relieved to have the sweets cravings gone.

I know you can do this, tiger, and good luck to you!

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I found the same thing that Shanny did. Once I started to maintain very low carb levels, I noticed that I really didn't want anything sweetened. I didn't purposely avoid sweeteners at the time, it's just how it happened.

If I can offer a word of advice - have a game plan when transitioning to very low carb. Sit down and write a few days worth of meals and snacks and then shop accordingly so you always have something very low carb on-hand.

I also wish you the best of luck!!

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Like some of the others I have a suspicion that sugar substitutes aren't as innocent as the producers would have us believe. The fact that one of the frankensugars seemed to trigger migraines in me tended to reinforce this cynical view .

But even without looking at that aspect, I want my body to decide that the words "sweet" and "innocent" don't belong together.

So, thanks to the skill of my BH in the kitchen, for the last three and a bit years sugar and sugar substitutes don't feature in our diet. In our case that was a deliberate choice.

Mary's suggestion of creating a meal plan for several days in advance and trying to make sure that no high carb items distract you makes a lot of sense. Over here we do have an unfair advantage - we're 10 km away from the nearest shop, so we do need to plan ahead or use a lot of diesel to go hunting for things Being a thrifty Scot, such an approach isn't considered appropriate is offline  
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I go VLCHF frequently. It seems to reset my body and mind. Meal planning, eating protein on the middle- to high-end of my estimated need, and treating cream cheese/HWC as a food group all help.

You might even look into doing a fat fast for a day or two or three. That is a marvelous reset.

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The golden rule of any formulation is to keep it simple. Three meals a day, set amount of carbs [ for me its 20/day] and NO SNACKS, except for some coconut oil from the refrigerator if I am very very hungry .

For some drinks [hibiscus tea] I use saccharin as the sweetener, no problems with the stuff at all.I have coffee black and very bitter, tastes great.

I really think that getting into a set routine makes the way of eating much easier.Its tough in the beginning ,but much easier later.

When you see the good results roll in, you become loathe to change things, and that makes it even better.

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The biggest craving trigger for me is wheat. Even if I stick to low-carb, if it has wheat, I start craving sweets and baked goods in particular.

So step 1 was getting rid of that. Step 2 was setting my TOTAL carb limit per meal or day, and sticking to it. (I probably eat less than 10g carbs at any given time, except fruit.)

Step 3 was making up the difference in hard-boiled eggs and cheese and being very mindful of what I seemed to be craving and WHY, when I did have them. (Drinking more water flavored with fruit or cucumber and mint helped a lot, I tend to be dehydrated.)

Getting over that hump first, then I started to add a LOT of fat. HWC, CO, EVOO, AvO and bacon. Lots of bacon. I now have all kinds of foods I can "free eat" according to my carb count when I get cravings.

My personal downfall is fruit. I have always loved fruit. I am now allowed to purchase only fresh fruit, and only about 1 time a month, because I will eat the whole package in 1 sitting, no matter the size of the package. Therefore, I must limit what I buy (berries) and how much (1 small package). Because if I were to do this every week, I spike higher than I like, and will knock right back out of ketosis.

So ehn you eat, pay attention to when you start craving something an hour or 2 later.... is it more carbs you crave? Or something particular? And sucralose and stevia (liquid forms) are my go-to's. But I also have access to fresh lemons year-round, and use them to flavor low-carb cheesecake.

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