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Ian Murray 07-25-2014 23:56

Yay! I can have blueberries!
I drove down the road this morning to take a few pictures (I'm a photographer), and the blueberries were ripe and hanging from the bushes. I helped myself to a large handful, and tested 2 hours later with my effect! YAY!

jademuffin 07-26-2014 00:27

Danger, may contain discouraging news.

What happens with me and fruit (believe me, I test A LOT, because I love it): Fruit and anything else containing "natural sugars" will spike me WITHIN AN HOUR from first bite, and then drop to normal. So my tests with fruit tend to be "how much of that can I have without peaking over 120?"

A carb is not a carb in my system. For instance I recently braved some rice and spiked for hours, peaking around 1.5. But last night I had some naan (usually one of my worst triggers) and was at 73 in 2 hours.

On the up side? I'm OK with blueberries too, less than a handful a time, and not more than once a week.

Ian Murray 07-26-2014 00:30

Not a problem, muffin.....thanks for the comments. I'll try another handful,and test sooner. ;)

Shalynne 07-26-2014 10:44

Berries tend to be easier on us than many other sweet fruits (mileage, of course, varies). I've had some pleasant experiences with fresh apricot, as well.

Still ... as Jademuffin said, fruit can spike fast, then drop even faster, and tend to be best enjoyed at wide-spaced intervals of a week or more.

Naan? Used to love the stuff, but it's wheat. Wheat is so unpredictable for me that I've never found a way to count those carbs accurately ... but I've found plenty of reasons not to try! Not worth it.

Ian Murray 07-26-2014 17:20

Ate some more this am on my Greek spike an hour later. As long as they're fresh and in season, Blueberries are on my list. Especially as they're free when I pick my own down the road, if I can beat the bears to them.

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