New to low carb diet

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New to low carb diet

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Default New to low carb diet

I was wondering what you thought of my typical food consumption. My estimations (following nutrition & portion control) has me clocking in at about 60-70 grams of carbs a day. I haven't been calculating sugar as everything seems to have 0-1 grams so I don't really bother.

Breakfast: Usually bacon & eggs, or chicken and a cheese stick, or a cheese stick and 1/2 a small apple

Snack: plain greek Yogurt (9 carbs, 3 grams of sugar--best my supermarket offers) I know it's a bit high, however, it keeps me full for a significant amount of time and I eat less carbs/sugar overall.

Lunch: Turkey (cold cut) or chicken (sliced) sandwich on a single piece of bread that apparently only has 8 grams of carbs. It is super tiny and feels like air so could be true. A cheese stick, maybe some salad with salad dressing amount at 1 g of carbs, no sugar.

Snack: a bit of fruit or cashews, or peanuts, or sun flower seeds

Dinner: Some kind of meat usually with shredded mozzarella cheese (love the stuff!) and salad with dressing (I know theres carbs in veggies/fruit). I've mostly been varying chicken, turkey, pork, and shrimp.

I have a few specific questions:
1) I'd like to replace the apple with a better grab & go option. Any ideas for busy mornings?

2) I bought tortillas that has carbs at like 27 grams, but says net is only five. What does this mean? I haven't tried it yet.

3) I've read on here that the bagged mozzarella often has cornstarch added. I looked on the back and indeed it is listed as an ingredient. The bag lists 1 gram of carbs. Do you think that includes the cornstarch? Any good diabetic brands of shredded cheese. Do you think I'm getting enough fat as is?

I know I need to eat to the meter, and continue to lower daily total carb count. I've been doing this less than a month and have reduced from what was probably 500 grams a day I'm such a picky eater (trying super hard not to be!) so when I read what people post I can't help feeling discouraged that I just don't like those foods. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

If this matters-- I'm in my 20s and always hovering on the normal to underweight line.

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What does your meter say? BTW I tried the "net carb way" and it doesn't really work. I think that the producers just guess on the amount of fiber included in a serving. For "grab and go" try a hard-boiled egg. Not quite as quick as an apple but no carbs.

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I hard boil eggs about 10 at a time (the children love them) put them in a in the refrigerator, and you can just grab one and go.

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If you peel all the hard-cooked eggs before storing them in the fridge (I use a large mayonnaise jar and cover them with water; change the water each time I open the jar. This is how we stored them when I worked in food service, only we used 5-gallon pails), they're even faster grab & go!

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Originally Posted by JT Reagan View Post
What does your meter say? BTW I tried the "net carb way" and it doesn't really work. I think that the producers just guess on the amount of fiber included in a serving. For "grab and go" try a hard-boiled egg. Not quite as quick as an apple but no carbs.
This is another example of how we are all different. Net carb works fine for me. The only processed foods I eat are an occasional Mama Lupe's Tortilla (from and Eden Organic Black Soy beans also only on occasion (about 1/2 c serving). So most of the fiber I deduct comes from veggies. I don't see any bad effects for me from counting this way.

I also store my hard boiled eggs, peeled, in water in the fridge. sometimes when I'm down to one or two I will splash some vinegar in the water and they get slightly pickled. Also, there are trace amounts of carbs in eggs from .28 in small to .5 in jumbo, so I count 1 carb per egg. Just me, I try to capture as many hidden carbs as possible.

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First, I'd drop the fruit. Outside of a few berries in cream, most can't handle fruit.

Next, grains of any type don't work well for us. If you really want the bread and tortilla feel, perhaps look into Paleo Bread. It's made from coconut/almond flour. It's pricey but may serve to fill that void while you transition your carbs lower.

You ask if you're getting enough fat, I'm not sure. It's hard to be sure with what you list but it looks a bit light. Myself, I aim for at least 150g fat per day. Most days I'm probably closer to 200g.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Fat looks a little could change that salad dressing out for pure olive oil.

Most people have problems with cereals, legumes (peanuts are legumes), and some with non berry fruit.

Please remember that as far as your body is concerned ALL carbs are sugar, so that Greek yoghurt...12g carb. For some people certain fibre also acts like sugar which is why some of us use total carbs instead of net carbs.

What does your meter say for fasting and post prandial numbers?

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The 'net' carbs concept was, I think developed for LC weight loss. It works for some diabetics and is a major fail for others (like me). YOU get to test and find out what is right for you.

When you have time, but soon - like this weekend if you are not working - please test the bread in isolation. Meaning, don't eat anything for about two hours, test your BG, eat the bread, test at (sorry) 30 minute intervals until your BG is clearly headed back down-down-down. Although the carbs in the bread are not bad, many people have excessive reactions to grains/gluten (meaning BG rises way, way higher than it should given the number of carbs). I encourage you to find out if you are one of those people.

Test the pre-shredded cheese, see what it does to you. I find I can eat it but I have to drop about 4g/carbs out of my meal to compensate for what is, presumably, about 2g/carb in the cheese. I buy cheese and pre-shred it myself (prefer to get my carbs in tasty veggies).

If you up the fats, your desire for snacks will probably, gradually reduce or go away (said the voice of experience).

- Nancy

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LCHF newbie myself, please always test, read and use your own judgement but here are some thoughts:

Heavy whipped cream in coffee, even yogurt possibly. Eat half a container of yogurt at one time and add cream to that. Even hot dogs could possibly be a quick option (beware of hidden carbs). Replace half apple with 2 - 3 strawberries, cheese stick with cheese. Some nuts have more carbs than others, careful there. Choose fattier meat selections at lunch - ham, pepperoni, salami instead of turkey/chicken. The 70 second bread (search forum for recipe) worked well for me.

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Try eating more food at breakfast and skipping the morning snack. Make sure the food is protein or fat, NOT carbs, and you won't be hungry until lunch--and your blood sugars should stay nice and even. So I'd eat another egg, another slice of bacon, or drop some heavy cream and/or coconut oil in your coffee to hold you to lunch time. (adjust meds accordingly).

If you can't find full fat, plain greek yogurt, it's really easy to make your own--use Half and Half or heavy cream. You don't need a yogurt maker, just a jar and a warm place to stash it. You can use a crock pot as a yogurt maker, too. Tons of how to's on the net. It's fun.

How about skipping the low carb bread for your turkey sandwich and roll the turkey slices around pieces of avocado? More fat, fewer carbs.

You can shred your own cheese and avoid the stuff they add to keep pre-shredded cheese separated. You can even do it ahead (I do it in my food processor) and freeze the cheese. It's easy to sprinkle on while frozen and still melts well.

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