Any of you eating Low Carb/ High FIBER?

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Any of you eating Low Carb/ High FIBER?

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Default Any of you eating Low Carb/ High FIBER?

My dr. said a big no to high fats, so now I re-evaluate once again after starting the LCHFat way.. Darn, it seems it's always something new around the corner! My parents died from heart attacks so he insists high fat is not the way to go. Any of you following a high fiber diet instead?? Suggestions please. Morning FBG has been 116-120, trying to kick diabetes with diet and metformin.

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First, I'm sorry to hear about your parents.
I eat LCHF. I think a LOT of us here have seen doctors that tell us not to eat something or take some sort of pill, keep this in mind.....nod and smile at the nice doctor...then do what works for you and your meter. Is there any reason he thinks you are in danger? Has he done any blood work that concerns him or you?

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The body uses carbs or fat as fuel.
It can also use protein, but this is hard to the kidneys and the liver.
If you go low carb, you have to increase fat (or protein) because the body need the fuel.
Fiber is not fuel. Actually we doesnt digest it good enough to get any nutrition from it. We need fiber to get the food to pass through the system, thats all.
If you go low carb/high fiber I guess you would eat a normal amount of protein and be careful with fat wich will lead to your body will not have enough energy/fuel to both maintain your muscles and keep all your other functions ok. There will simply not be enough calories.

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What are your current cholesterol breakdown values, and when is your next blood draw? LCHF has been known to improve those values, and convert "bad plaquey" LDL (particle B and C) into "helping hand" LDL (particle A).

My Tri's have plummetted, my HDL is up, and my LDL was tested to be Particle A. I've been low-carb for a year (and down 30 lbs and about 6 waist-inches), added the fat about 9 months ago (goodbye cold and hungry).

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LCHF and striving for ketosis since Feb 2014.
Next testing due 11/2015.

Dosing with:
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Optimist summed it up. Fibre in theory at least is simply a bulking agent and contributes nothing in nutrition terms.

In fact, some fibre isn't. It functions as a carbohydrate and delivers a package of glucose to the body. This varies with each individual and you will find here on the forum that some members can use 'net carbs' and ignore the fibre content, others, including me count the lot!

So eating a Low Carb, high non soluble fibre diet still requires something to replace the energy that came from the extra carbohydrate that was a part of the previous diet and fat is the answer.

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Your doctor seems to be very assertive, so you must be assertive right back - it's your eyesight, kidney function & vascular health at stake here, not his. Either that, or as stated by Vicky, just nod & smile, while you go about your own method which actually works. Your doctor is still clinging to the old lipids hypothesis, which was a lie/hoax from the beginning and because it was incorporated into official policy, remains the same bad advice it always was. The lipids hypothesis is not anything new - it is prob'ly fifty years since Ancel Keys foisted his lies upon the public. And you will never be able to control your diabetes following your doctor's orders.

How did we come to believe saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for us? - Peter Attia, M.D.

"We no longer suggest avoiding saturate fats per se"

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Actually my lipids profile has improved very well over the past two years. My numbers are in the home office where I cannot currently access them, but I'll post soon. I feel he is like many drs. who still go by old methods, but when he said the no to high fats yesterday, I secretly thought Hmm, we'll see. Following a LCHFat plan is easier for me anyway...and doing so is why I have recently lost the 3 lbs. It appears very few are following a high fiber diet.

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Almost a year ago I tried low carb, moderate protein, high fiber (by nature, I am an experimenter). My BG levels were great (as they are now). But I could not eat enough calories (energy) to sustain myself. Felt terrible all the time. Had terrible GI problems. Immune system just waved and invited any passing virus to come on in. So I dropped the fiber and added fats. Felt good, BG good, and the GI problems went bye-bye.

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I currently have heart disease and had a stent placed in a coronary artery about 12 years ago. I still have one artery blocked but grew collaterals to help out with the flow.

I'm extremely health conscious and most everything I do revolves around it. I walk a lot and get plenty of exercise. I eat for health first and find ways to enjoy it as well. I've been eating LCHF since December's end last year. I've lost weight and lowered my insulin levels and also improved my HDL and lowered my trig. All these things improve my cardio health and have lowered my A1c.

Time to dispel the fat/heart disease relationship. Many fats, even saturated animal fat is heart healthy and can lead to lower levels of fat in the blood when consumed. Eating more fat will help you loose stored body fat as well. Here's a good link:
The Diet-Heart Myth: Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Are Not the Enemy

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Male 68 157 lbs. 6'

Self diagnosed 11/'13, eating LCHF, Ketogenic. My Cardiologist is trying to help me manage my BG levels as I have no PCP
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