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MsTCB 10-15-2011 10:31

What's for Lunch?
I'm sllloooowwwllly coming around to this LC/HF eating and was wondering what you all eat for lunch? I've had a lifelong pattern of a sandwich and fruit for lunch, but that's too many carbs.

Any ideas?

muck 10-15-2011 13:12

I know it's hard to change habits of a lifetime, I've been having home made vegie soup, or a salad intil I get some recipes to adapt, but I do miss my wholegrain bread but I now can have cheese, cream, for me gonna be trial & error for a while!

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jwags 10-15-2011 14:15

Sometimes you have to think out of the box. Most of us grew up on sandwiches for lunch so it is hard to break out of that habit. Salads are a great option, just add the protein you would have normally put on your sandwich in your salad. I also use lettuce leaves or low carb wraps for my sandwich. Lately I've been making my own faux english muffins with flaxseed and using them to make sandwiches.

Carolina 10-15-2011 15:54

I will eat breakfast any time of the day.

greek yogert. cottage cheese with a sauce, maybe chopped up veggies added. egg salad. tuna salad. chicken salad. salmon cakes.
hamburger no bun.if I have leftover something from the night before. Greek salad love love greek salad. sliced tomato/sliced fresh mozz/fresh basil, wine V & evoo. cobb salad. chef salad.

Shanny 10-15-2011 18:03

Same as for breakfast, I just eat whatever looks good - if it's in this house, it's low-carb, so no problem there. Being retired means I can eat whatever & whenever I like - in the days when I slept 'til noon, lunch was breakfast! :D

Today I may have more ribs & sauerkraut - I think that stuff is hammering away at my FBG, of all things! We've had it twice in the span of a week, and those mornings after both showed lower FBG!

foxl 10-15-2011 18:10

Lunch for me is pretty formulaic, keeps my BG even.

2 hb eggs
slaw salad
leftover vegetable from night before, 2- 5 carb g worth
1 oz nuts.

I am losing weight on that, however slowly ... fingers crossed!

MCS 10-15-2011 18:51

Two chocolate chip cookies, 2 packs of hot peanuts, 2 cheese sticks. Seafood night out tonight.

beefy 10-15-2011 19:12


Originally Posted by MCS (Post 58756)
Two chocolate chip cookies, 2 packs of hot peanuts, 2 cheese sticks. Seafood night out tonight.

... for those that may be NEW to the forum, MCS means their low-carb cookies - check the recipes section...

My typical lunch is a lettuce wrap. I put exactly what I'd put into a sandwich, but wrapped in lettuce.

Yesterday's lunch, for example, was a turkey BLT wrap: Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Pepper, Sage and Mayo wrapped in a lettuce leaf. I also had 1/2 a granny smith apple and a diet coke.

Shanny 10-15-2011 19:49

Changed my mind about the ribs & sauerkraut - decided I'd melt a little cheese in a high-fiber wrap, then I added my smoked salmon spread & it's a darn nice small meal! ;)

Humhum 10-15-2011 20:47

I had 2 leftover Zuch pancakes or frititas or what ever you want to call them. Put a little pizza sauce on them. Topped them with green pepper, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni and moz cheese. Popped them in the toaster oven and ate my piza. Only one "z" because it isnt exactly pizza. Also had a small salad-lettuce only- with a little ranch. It was was tailgate party. lol
This has nothing to do with this thread but I am still in awe that a couple of Splenda is 24 carbs. Is this really correct? I saw it posted somewhere here.

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