Question about LCHF

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Diabetes Diet and Nutrition A healthy, well balanced, nutritious diet which factors in Diabetes can be crucial for the long term management of Diabetes. Use this section to discuss your diet, what you would like to try, swap recipes and more.

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Question about LCHF

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Default Question about LCHF

I've been on Atkins for the last 18 months mostly, and would like to go to LCHF. Unfortunately, the only fatty foods I like are hard cheese, pork rinds and having some ranch dressing on salads or hard boiled eggs. Is there a restriction like on Atkins of the hard cheese for 4 ounces? I would really like to do more of my fatty foods on cheese if possible. Thank you

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My approach to LCHF is pretty much empirical. That link I gave you in your introduction sums up what we should consider and what we should avoid in this Way of Eating. (The word "diet" carries too much by way of the baggage that it's a temporary fix ). However whilst Professor Grant's site Getting started on LCHF Part 1: Clean out day | The Science of Human Potential gives you somewhere to start the main rule of the exercise for us can be summed up by the simple expression Eat To The Meter.

This principle is covered in a bit more detail in How to Lower Your Blood Sugar - part of Blood Sugar 101 but what it boils down to is that you can use anything as long as the target you set yourself for blood sugar isn't missed.

To start you need a blood sugar meter, lots of test strips and a nice big notebook to use as a food log. And yes, a bit of patience and self discipline. The first few weeks are the make or break period.

Harking back five years, with the help of my wife (and a right little bully she is too! ) the exercise took me about three weeks to nail down but in essence this was the sort of rationale that we went through.
Food breaks down into three groups -
  1. Protein - an essential element and as a starting point think in terms of about 1 gram of protein for each kilogram of body weight or if you want to be a bit more scientific about it you can find lots of calculators on the web - here's one - Nutritional Calculator for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance
  2. Carbohydrate - contrary to the myths circulating this offers nothing that we cannot get elsewhere but eliminating it from our way of eating is next to impossible. This is where that meter comes in. After some work, I identified that at my weight and insulin ability, I could cope with about 15 grams of carbohydrate in a meal without bouncing past the limit I set myself. You will be different and as I said, your meter will tell you.
  3. Fats - healthy natural fats make up the energy shortfall - eat until satisfied and don't worry too much about product limits. Generally once you settle down to this way of eating, you'll find that you set your own limits.
Anyway, for me it worked. In the August my HbA1c was 8.2%. By the October, it was 6.2% and by February it was down to the 5% that I've stayed on since. That is eating about 2,200 calories per day and in the six months at the start I lost (without trying) the 15 pounds that I was overweight and another 15 to match leaving me with a BMI of 22%.

So, to sum up the only rule you really need is "Eat to the meter"

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I think you will find many answers on this site and a great group of folks that have 'been down the same road’, you are now traveling. I am 65 and found out I was a T2 diabetic 8+ years ago. My weight has been at 320-318 for many years. I thought I was managing my Type II well until late last year when I found my Ac1 blood sugar was high for the third time at 7.9. I was starting to have some foot pain and my exercising and trying to each less carbs was doing little to get me back on track.

I found this website in April of this year and after reading all the information provided, I did a lot of my own research and determined that changing my eating habits following this High Fat, Low Carb plan was worth a try...including learning to 'eat to my meter'!

I actually started following the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) style of eating on 5/1/15 and in in the 10+ weeks my blood sugars have been spot on with an average of 101. My weight dropped by 25 pounds, and this was prior to any exercise change. Pretty amazing results....I say! And it all started within 24 hours of changing what I ate.

I never feel hungry, but when I start eating, it taste so darn good... This new eating plan is changing my life. Food tastes better, I am full all the time, I have no cravings (after the first two weeks), etc. etc. and icing on the cake, I am losing weight! So I am convinced. I intend on learning and living this life style for as long as I live. I finally have a way that works for me to control my diabetes.

I saw my doctor October, he did 'freak out’, he thought something was really wrong, to be this good I had to be sick?. My Ac1 was to 5.8% down from 7.3 in March and 7.9 last fall, in the fall of last year. I have now lost 41 lbs.....a benefit of eating LCHF...and my cholesterol, blood pressure, and other labs were IMPROVED TO NORMAL LEVELS!

A couple of cautions: do the reading noted above before starting. This knowledge is critical to your success. Also I will mention that, eating enough fat is critical, we are all trained ‘low fat’….but as you will find low fat and calorie counting does not work!

Also, be aware that you will 'dump salt' when on this diet. If you get light headed/ tired after starting, it probably is you need to increase you salt intake, this happened to me every afternoon after starting this diet during the first two weeks. I got so bad the last time; I thought I was going to fall down. I did research on this site, when I got home, and found out salt may be the problem. I added lots of salt to my food going forward, that fixed it!

I now for the first time finally believe I can live with this disease, control blood sugars, get off of some of my meds, and live a better life with less diabetic issues in my health.

Do your reading and research, learn all you can about this eating method and learn more about diabetes.....Get yourself stocked up on test strips for your meter....set a date and give it a will be amazed how you can take control of your disease and life!

Again, welcome, come on in the water is fine! Good Luck

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Just one extra detail. I know your doctor probably stressed weight loss using calorie control. Please forget the calories. Your initial focus is on your blood glucose. Let the weight loss happen (as it did for me and others) "free inside" - using this way of eating.

If you try to manage "calorie control" and LCHF you will completely screw it up (sorry to be blunt but....) and a couple of months from now you'll feel disappointed - and that is the last thing you need!

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Originally Posted by gailbuf View Post
I would really like to do more of my fatty foods on cheese if possible.
Cheese does have some carbs, and you'll need to read labels or look it up. When planning a meal, you should be considering portion size and the number of grams of carbs for each portion you plan to eat. Only then can you determine if the total carb count for that meal, or for the amount of cheese (or anything else) you plan to consume will fall within your set limit per meal.

It is easy to think of cheese as "free" food and eat too much and push one's BG up too far. Same thing for nuts.

For a while, it's going to take you some real time doing all the measuring and calculating to come up with a meal that won't raise your BG. Keep track of your menus and BG responses, and in a week or two you'll have many meals that you can fix without fear of high BG happening.

One other note: for me, lower daily carb consumption, and higher fat consumption, has a positive effect on my weight. It's SO opposite what we've been taught all our lives. But my weight came off without trying, and anytime it creeps back up I just eat more fat!

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