My Weight is stalled

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My Weight is stalled

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Default My Weight is stalled

OK, Its me, Mrs Ronnie. This year I moved from struggling to keep my weight down, yo-yoing from slim, to being chubby but not obese from 18 years old to now at 67 years old. With each roll of the rollercoaster my weight climbed higher at the highest point and never went back quiet as low as the lowest point of the last cycle. I now weigh 170 lbs.

Is it possible that a high fat diet for some people must be incorporated into a low calorie +low carb diet? I have used the Atkins diet successfully before and use Atkins dinners for supper at work or a salad. I have cut my diet sodas down to about 10 a month.

Any reading suggestions for material or suggestions of what works or you/anyone, in this instance, tell me.

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I cannot say if it works or not, but I have been watching some YouTube videos that some of the topics are on fasting. I have a few more pounds I want to lose and have been stuck +/- 5 lbs of where I am now for over a year. I think what he is saying makes sense, I haven't gone long enough between meals to really start using the fat around my belly as fuel. I know eating LCHF that many times am not hungry in the evenings and just do it so I don't get hungry before bed time. I'm sure I could do the 24 hour fasting on occasion and definitely do the 8 or less hour eating window most of the time. He does some very good talks on glucose, insulin, carbs, sugar, etc. He lost 145 lbs on LCHF in 14 months, he's not diabetic, but understands whats going on and what to do about it.

Buttermakesyourpantsfalloff is the website. Fourth tab over is his fasting series. I am amazed I haven't ever heard of him before.

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Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
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I did a short period of 16 hr fast - basically skipping breakfast. It did help lower my overall BG levels, and after a few days my FBG dropped as well. I lost a few pounds, but didn't stay with it long enough to reach my goal.

I think it is a good program and will be going back to this type of IF again soon.

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Originally Posted by mbuster View Post

Buttermakesyourpantsfalloff is the website. Fourth tab over is his fasting series. I am amazed I haven't ever heard of him before.
I just watched his first (oldest) YouTube video. I cried when he talked about what we're *really* giving up at the 23 minute mark

Thanks for posting that link!

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I've found that I have to count calories - even on LCHF - in order to lose. I don't get much exercise which may be part of the problem. I've been successful limiting carbs to under 25 net, eating about 1200 calories a day, and doing intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast - my rules say that I can eat whenever I'm actually hungry so this fast varies from 14-17 hours. I've lost from 225 down to 193 since April but it's slowing some now (after several late summer/early fall camping trips where I broke all the rules). Last week I tried for a longer fasting time to jump start things again, but I failed.. by 3:30pm I can no longer concentrate at work and get headaches. I've decided to go back to the 16 hour fasts. At first I had the dawn thing where my blood sugar rose most of the morning but after a week or so that stopped and my fasting improved as well as overall BG results. It's also much easier to do the low calorie when you only have to fit two meals in - I hardly have to work at it at all.

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Take responsibility for yourself and for your health - you deserve it!

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Dr. Eric Westman, a noted LCHF proponent, along with some other respected LCHF researchers have said that low-carb often isn't enough for weight loss and that most people must explicitly count calories as well.

If you lookup his name and look for "adapt" videos, he has a good series about low-carb, weight loss, diabetes, keto, etc.

Update: I found the videos:

Pumping insulin since 2017
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