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Diabetes Diet and Nutrition A healthy, well balanced, nutritious diet which factors in Diabetes can be crucial for the long term management of Diabetes. Use this section to discuss your diet, what you would like to try, swap recipes and more.

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Quick question for you all

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Default Quick question for you all

I am really watching carbs these days. It seems to have become my new obsession these days. Especially since hubby got a butt whooping from the doctor a couple of weeks ago when he went in for his labs. Apparently, he has not been a good boy. He is diabetic, T2 and is on metformin three times a day and insulin as well. All his lab work is up, and his BG is at nine. Needless to say, I marginally flipped out on him. We had the discussion on carbs, and I wanted to ask you all about how many carbs you eat during the day on average. I have been researching online, but there are so many different answers to this question, that I would like to know what you guys eat for comparison.

Thanks for the input

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Welcome. You are a great support for your husband.

This site is a good place to start to understand diabetes and the effect carbs have on the blood sugar - and how to get them under control and low enough to avoid complications. Blood Sugar 101

And the forum here is a good place to ask questions.

To answer one of your questions - everybody is different as far as how many carbs they can eat and still maintain safe BG numbers. Many people here have found that the ADA recommendations are too high, and have reduced their carb intake to a much lower number. The only way to know what amount of carbs per meal/day works is to test - a lot. Before a meal (to see where you started), 1 hour after (to see how high the food spiked you), and 2 hours after to see if your BG is going down and if it has returned to near pre-meal numbers.

Say hi to your hubby and invite him to join the good folks on this forum.

Edit: Oh, and I eat less than 30g per day - that's under 10g carbs per meal (I subtract the fiber grams from the total carbohydrate grams for a net number).

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Since I don't really count carbs, I've seldom figured it out. But yesterday was pretty typical, so let's see . . .

1/2 Panera Fuji apple chicken salad, 18g
Panera tomato soup (with croutons), 36g
Almonds, 4g
String cheese x 2, 0g
1/2 Panera asiago roast beef sandwich, 32g
Chobani yogurt, 20g
Apple, 21g
Dannon yogurt, 26g

TOTAL, 157g

Carbs were 35% of my total calories. That's about what I thought. I think my carb to protein to fat ratio is usually about 33:33:33, which is a lot higher carb and lower fat than many people on this board, but is still quite a bit different from the ADA's recommendations, which are about 50:20:25 (or so I've read).

But I haven't been at this all that long, and I'm still tweaking things. I'd eventually like to cut down or eliminate my meds, which means I'll probably end up lowering carbs even further (I'm thinking about 80-90g/day).

P.S. I didn't subtract fiber from my carb grams. If I do that, it lowers my total to 141g.


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Diabetes meds
Metformin 1000mg BID

Low-ish carb (~90-150g per day)
Low-ish calorie (<1800 kcals per day)

I really should exercise.

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I don't count carbs either, it was far easier for me to just eliminate all grains, breads, potatoes and rice, everything else is fair game for me. If I had to add it up I would say 30-50g mostly from veggies.

Control is with Diet modification, exercise, supps.
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I do something called, " EAT TO MY METER". That means I set a goal that I want after meals. For me it is around 110 or lower. So I arrange my meals to give me that bg. It usually means around 10 - 15 carbs. I can usually reach my goal except in the morning when I get crazy liver dumps. So I try to cap my carbs at 30, maybe 40 per day. But we are all different. I am also on metformin 3 times per day. Can you give us a little more info on your husband and what he eats and what his daily bgs are?

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I limit myself to 30g per day (give or take). i'm not on meds nor do I subtract the fibre count first to get a Net Carbs value. In fact, I don't really pay that much attention to how many carbs I eat since I know that everything I eat is very low carb in the first place. After a while, you just get to a point where you know that a certain combination of food or a certain meal is always safe and you therefore don't bother doing a carb count on it.

I have two to three breakfast choices and all of them consist of no more than 6 carbs in total. I did the calculation of carbs once for each meal and since I never vary from those meals, I never have to worry about the carb counts. Now, since my breakfast is high fat, I rarely eat lunch and if i do, it's less than 4 carbs total. Dinner sees me eating the most carbs but even that is usually less than 15 since it always consists of the same salad, dressing and a choice of meat with some sort of sauce and veggies on the side.

All of this is the result of eating to my meter. I tested rigorously 1 and 2 hours after ever meal. Any meal that spiked me would get broken down to its components and each component would be tested so I know exactly what part of the meal caused the spike. I kept a log of everything I ate during those initial months and often refer back to it.

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Like MCS I don't count the carbs but restrict them to as low as I can. I also get my carbs from raw vegetables (as far as I can) except for one cookie that I have with my morning tea. Broad guess between 30-50 gm/day.

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I try and keep mine to three meals and one snack of less than 15 carbs each. That way I can keep my carbs under 60/day. Ive only just reached this level and even though it's a challenge some days, I feel so much better and my BG is south easier to control by doing this.

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30g per day and around 10% of total calories is a good starting point. Then, you can use your meter to adjust from there.

Make sure you eat enough! Starving won't make things better. You should not feel hungry or deprived on a LC/HF diet. If you do, you're doing something wrong.

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Thank for the info everyone. I have been doing the LCHF diet and have had great success. Trouble is, hubby wasn't. He thought he was doing ok at what he was doing. Which he found out, he wasn't. Part of the problem for him is his background. Being Puerto Rican and not having rice, tortillas etc is extremely hard for him. He is making progress, but he needs more help with his diet. He is now ready to do the extra mileage that is needed to get his diabetes under control. He does better when he knows exactly what numbers he needs to be at. So we will start out around the 30 carb mark I think, and see how he does. I do not have any bread, grain, cereal etc in the house anymore. I refuse to cook potatoes and rice, so he is kinda stuck with how I am cooking these days. There are some things he is stubbornly hanging on to eating and drinking, but we are working on it.

Thanks for the help

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