Artificial Sweeteners

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Artificial Sweeteners

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Default Artificial Sweeteners

A good article in the LA Times on sweeteners here:,full.story

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Thanks for the link. Interesting read.

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Originally Posted by Patdart
A good article in the LA Times on sweeteners here:,full.story
I love Splenda. Tastes most like sugar and no bitter aftertaste like Sweet & Lo.

I bought a box of Krisda recently. It's made from stevia. The packets are impossible to open without a scissor so I contacted the mfr to try to get a refund. They were rude about it and would not refund my money ($7.00). So I will not use their product any more and I wanted to let people know that if you buy Krisda you're supporting a company that doesn't care about its customers.

Long live Splenda!

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Great article, it's nice to see both sides of a story.


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how funny is this bit:
'Cyclamate is legal in Canada and in dozens of other countries and is found in Canadian Sweet'N Low instead of saccharin. That's because saccharin -- legal in the U.S. -- is banned in Canada'

I have been using 'fake sugar' for years, wether it be diet drink or substitutes for low calorie options. Will this give me cancer? I dont know, but i have enough to worry about with Diabetes atm!

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Originally Posted by Patdart View Post
A good article in the LA Times on sweeteners here:

With faux sugars, real suspicion -
I use Splenda when nothing else is available but don't like to use ANY artifical sweetener. I use pure stevia. There is nothing artificial about it. Of course, they didn't tell the truth about that in the article:

In line with this cultural shift, some people are turning to a new crop of sweeteners based on "natural" ingredients, such as stevia, a calorie-free herb from South and Central America. Already popular in Asia, stevia is now available in the U.S. in natural food stores (U.S. food companies can't yet include it in their products), and sales of it rose 19% in the last year, according to SPINS, a natural-products market research firm.

Cargill Inc. is working with Coca-Cola Co. to test the safety of what they say is an aftertaste-free stevia-derived sweetener, rebiana, which they hope to introduce to American taste buds.

Why is "natural" in quotes? Real stevia is a pure water extract of a leaf! The only other step needed is filtration of particulate matter. If that's "artificial" then so is green tea and many other foods. It is absolutely not in the same category with the chemistry experiments discussed in the rest of the article.

BUT, read on! Mega-corps can't patent and make big bucks of a LEAF. So, of course they have to destroy the natural product and make a franken-product which CAN be patented. SO, they chemically modified the beautiful stevia extract and created their franken-version "rebiana".

Trouble is, REAL stevia extract has been found to have many health benefits especially for diabetics up to and including early indications that it triggers beta cell regeneration! (Not to mention improved glucose metabolism and lower blood sugar.) It appears that the franken-version loses all these properties.

I make limeade with three limes and one teeny-tiny scoop of pure stevia extract (KAL brand my favorite so far). It is delicious, sweet enough with NO "aftertaste" at all. The only hard part is that it is so incredibly concentrated (2300+ servings in a 3 oz jar) that you have to measure carefully or get overwhelmed with sweetness. The provided scoop works perfectly for this.

I suggest dumping ALL the artificial sweeteners. Why be a guinea pig for ANY of these chemistry experiments when there is a completely natural product which is better, available and has been used by humans for thousands of years (as well as on a MASSIVE scale in Japan for over 30 years with ZERO reports of any problems).

When will corporate-sponsored media every be able to be honest?

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Thank you for the link. It was good to read. We can't use splenda or other sweeteners as hubby is allergic. We do use the Stevia and have had no trouble with that.

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I prefer pure Stevia as well over Splenda. Splenda tastes best but spikes me the same as if it were sugar.

Has anyone tried unprocessed Stevia leaves? Instead of a white refined powder it's simply ground up leaves (and green).

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Where do you get stevia extract? Is there a good brand?

I want to cut out the powered sweeteners.


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Stevia is the only natural sweetener I am aware of. There are no chemicals in this product as found in Splenda, Equal or any of the other popular sugar free sweeteners. If you are also concerned about artificial sweeteners and their links to cancer and many other negative side affects I highly recommend you try this product. But be sure to read the ingredients. They now are being made by major food producers and can have unwanted chemicals. Now that stevia is gaining market share there for being marketed to the mainstream consumer. Good example is Truvia, compare the ingredients of this brand to the brand called Stevia. You will see the difference. There is a taste to stevia, it reminds me a bit of licorice, but it's subtle and I quite like it! Here's to healthy alternatives in sweeteners for us diabtics!

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