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chargette 10-26-2017 01:05

Using a spreadsheet to track numbers
I downloaded a free spreadsheet program this morning, WPS is the name of it.

I like MyFitnessPal but it drives me nuts going back and forth between pages. I'm setting up spreadsheets in one workbook to track food and BG levels and setting up a menu.

It'll be a time curve getting it set up but it will be so simple to use. I'll share more later as it progresses.

VeeJay 10-26-2017 04:04

I hope it works for you.

itissteve 10-26-2017 15:23

I set up my own spreadsheet (for some reason I did not ever think to look for a template). Especially early on, as I was getting the hang of what to eat ("eat to my meter") and poking myself for blood samples, I collected many data points which would throw off a useful average (median might be a better measure, but...). My meter has an app, too, which actually is not bad but is not granular enough for me to be able to see cause and effect easily and also had that issue with excluding questionable measurements.

So I created a spreadsheet. I've since modified it to allow better graphing (individual data points are fine but 7-8 pokes a day over three months creates a lot of data) :smile2: I can send this to my PCP and being able to graph the data the way I want to makes it easier to spot trends.

I'm looking forward to seeing your spreadsheet whenever you want to share it.

TooSweetForMe 10-26-2017 15:49

I'm using Google Docs atm, because my PCP has started something so that she can look at all her patients numbers on there, and other patients can do selective permissions if they decide they want other patients to see the numbers with or without other personal info.

mbuster 10-26-2017 16:24

I used a spread sheet when I first started tracking because my meter software didn't flag fasting, just pre meal, post meal with time, and other. It worked very well for what I needed it to do.

traceycgiles 10-26-2017 17:46

I use an app called glucose wiz. It has been amazing so far and it will allow you to print as a excel or pdf which is great for when I see the doctor!

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chargette 10-31-2017 17:58

I have most of the foods I consume in the spreadsheet. I just need to put in their numbers for carbs, etc. I've started analyzing my meals for how much they spike my blood sugar and it's a real eye opener. I'm recording meals in the spreadsheet too.

div2live 10-31-2017 18:19

I have all historical bloodwork, blood pressures, weight, etc. On an Excel Spreadsheet. Since I worked in business for a zillion years I started to learn on the old ledgers and paper columnar pads, back in the 'olden' days. As time moved forward I learned to use the Excel Spreadsheet for all applications....

My doctor loves when I see him with my overall history. For him to see that he would have to go back all of my old tests in his little computer he carries around. I think bring your historical summarized records helps the doctors out as they cannot take time for each patient to look back over 3-4 years of history.

Works for me, it does....

alamogirl 10-31-2017 21:48

I keep a journal. I record my 1st morning reading. I don't record again until I come home from work. I usually eat the same thing. If I deviate, then I will write down what I ate.

milkmaade 11-13-2017 17:19

I've done that too; also, I started one to make my own food list with carbs/cals by adding each food as I purchased/ate it but found that just too time consuming daily. Nice thing is being able to turn the results into various types of graphs if you want to.

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