Has the LC/HF way of eating failed you? I want to hear.

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Has the LC/HF way of eating failed you? I want to hear.

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Default Has the LC/HF way of eating failed you? I want to hear.

I have to admit that I am skeptical of all diets, since so many failed me. I know that I kept to them and eventually I would stop losing weight and start gaining. Research on dieting shows that this happens to 95% of people.

I am cautiously optimistic about LC/HF because I did lose weight when following the Carbohydrate Addict's diet about ten years ago. However, the Reward Meal didn't work for me because it turned into an excuse to binge. Now I'm eating LC/HF and eating to my meter.

I want to hear from you if you did this and kept doing this, lost weight, and then regained it. Basically if you go to most forums on weight loss you'll find a lot of people who have regained despite staying on the diet. I haven't seen that here. I'm hoping against hope that it's because this way of eating actually works.

FYI, I have lost 31 lbs so far since November and have a LOT to lose. I feel hope for the first time in years, but I'm afraid.

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I'm at the same weight now for over a year...I tended to lose some this winter but added more fat and I'm holding firm without weighing but once a week or less. My meter seems to be better than my scales at keeping it that way!

Good luck, have faith and use your meter I'd say!

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LCHF has not failed me, but I don't judge it by weight loss. As long as my blood sugar stays stable, and lipids improve, I consider it a great success. Any weight loss that happens is icing on the proverbial cake.

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10 years of LCHF diet. Works for me and I can stick with it.

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I am not a doctor this is what works for me
You results may differ
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I have lost 60 lbs on LCHF and been holding steady since last June. I recently gained back 10 lbs but I believe that's due to my medications and not the diet.

Pumping insulin since 2017
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I havent been doing it long enough to really say one way or another. All i can say is my BG is more stable andmy weight stays in a 5 pound window.

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Down from 185 lbs to 156 lbs but I took the slower ride. I was actually LC but not very HF because of food availability here. Have been at this weight for around 8 months or so. Need to lose another 6 lbs and am working on that.

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Originally Posted by Shanny View Post
LCHF has not failed me, but I don't judge it by weight loss. As long as my blood sugar stays stable, and lipids improve, I consider it a great success. Any weight loss that happens is icing on the proverbial cake.
This is my philosophy too. I've only been doing lchf since Feb when I got my dx. I lost 10 lbs by 3 weeks in and seem to have stalled there, would like to see another 20 go, but hey, my bs numbers have really improved and that is what is important for me now.

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I've only been eating LCHF since early November, but I'm losing weight in little steps (that seem to have little or nothing to do with what I'm eating as the steps happen). So far I've lost 10.5kg.

However, I am limiting my carb intake to 3-6% of all calories. This means NO crackers, chocolate fudge (or cakes or anything made with artificial sweeteners), bread, potatoes, corn, peas etc. EVER. No cheating. Fortunately, I'm not missing any of these (well, maybe chips (French fries)) I can't even eat the Lindt 80% cocoa chocolate because it raises my bs. But I'm not much of a sweet eater and never ate desserts even before diagnosis.

I appreciate that it's easier for me because I don't have to prepare meals for people not eating LCHF. So there's nothing in the house to tempt me to fall off the wagon. I really feel for those of you who are surrounded by temptation every day.

I don't check my food against Calorie King every day, but do it every so often to make sure the carbs aren't creeping up. My problem is actually too much protein rather than too much carbohydrate and I need to address that. I can recommend this as a reality check.

And one thing we women all need to remember: our bodies like to hang onto the fat they've carefully accumulated, so it's much harder for us than it is for men to lose weight.

I was just thinking this morning how in the past, when I've wanted to lose weight, even 2kg was a huge struggle and actually unattainable. The 10.5kg I've lost in the past 5 months has been pretty easy to get rid of, even if I did have some long-lasting plateaus. When I look at it from where I was at the start, I'm absolutely amazed at my success.

And as always, YMMV. I just find that this is where my eating has landed, and it's working for me.

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Default LCHF Diet

I 'm new to all this.....what is a LCHF diet???

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