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jimvdn 03-07-2009 01:08

Barnard Vegan Diabetes Diet
Just to share my experiences with the Dr Barnard diabetes diet which, simply, is low fat (not zero fat) vegan (not vegetarian), no calorie restriction diet. In 10 months I have gone from 260 pounds to 210 pounds (still 20 pounds overweight, but I’m 69 years old, so that’s good enough). Morning fasting whole blood glucose is 65. A1C is 5.8. I have eliminated Actos and Glipizide and half of my Metformin, down to 500mg of that. I have eliminated two of my three blood pressure medications, down to Lisinopril 40mg and my blood pressure is 120 over 50 and I get dizzy when I stand up sometimes so that medication may be lowered by my doctor soon. According to him, my HDL and LDL cholesterol and my trigycedrides are that of a new born baby. The downside of vegan is that there are so many nice things that can’t be eaten, but on the upside, there are many that are great. Tonight I had vegan broccoli soup and cornbread (a half an egg in that so I do cheat a tiny bit). On the subject of cheating, as soon as I reached my target numbers, I now eat whatever I want when I eat out, but follow the regime religiously for routine meals at home. Finally, the clincher to me is that I am rarely hungry eating at home, but when I’m out, particularly when there is a plate of cheese and crackers for appetizers, I change in to a ravenous beast and eat far too much. But, the lack of hunger when I’m being good which is most of the time, is dramatic. I even have to remind myself to eat lunch sometimes.

alprunty 05-08-2009 16:54

I have been vegetarian for a long time... I run, bike and am very active.

I know a lot of vegans and they do not seem to be any healthier than the vegetarians that I know. I think that Eggs are a good source of protien, one that the body digests well.

Meat stays in your system for a longer time... and I think it slows my metabolism down. I feel draggy and tired when I try to eat animal flesh protein.

Some diabetics cannot do well with rice, and a lot of the higher carb veggies and fruits. I am on an insulin pump and can eat pretty much any veggie and fruit out there. I am type 1 with no weight issues (for now at least) I need the carbs to keep active.

PrincessLainie 08-02-2009 22:51

I liked the new born baby part.....Good for you!!! WTG!

mrvegan 05-26-2010 11:26

You sound like a success story.

jer.lawrence 05-27-2010 20:08

Do you find that by eating vegan, there are a lot of specialty type foods that you have to eat? Or are you able to mostly just buy fresh fruits and vegetables and eat that way?

I'm curious -- not to the point that I would ever want to try vegan... I enjoy my "animal flesh protein" far too much. It just seems like it would really limit the kinds of foods that you could eat. I'm probably wrong about that. :)

mrvegan 05-28-2010 12:18

I thought the very same thing at first, but soon found out that their are lot's of choices. Just starting from an international cuisine you can find thousands of dishes that are all vegan. We all have learned to eat animal muscle tissue, but just the new level of energy you find from not eating this way is incredible.

Osnat 06-09-2010 05:38

This diet has been shown over and over again to be the healthiest there is especially if it contains alot of raw vegetables [a good variety]

Diabrarian 06-11-2010 05:12

Forgive me but I have trouble seeing the point to this diet, especially if you break the rules anyway by eating animal products when you go out.

A low fat diet with plenty of raw vegetables is encouraged for all people, omnivore and non, diabetic and non. Meat has been encouraged as the smallest food contribution to many diets for decades, unless specialized where someone must eat more to compensate lack of other nutrients. Ideal control of meat intake leads to healthy iron and protein intake on top of the iron and protein from legumes and vegetables.

When you go out you claim you're eating dairy, expressly non-vegan food, which could be aiding in contributing to your health besides your home vegan diet. Dairy in small quantities is excellent for health, so I don't see how you're cheating yourself of anything, at least nothing to throw your diabetic levels completely out of whack, unless it's ice cream or high-sugar dairy.

If you're doing vegan for animal rights opinions, that's a different matter entirely. But the way you've explained your diet, it's really lacto-vegetarian, with little improvement over an omnivourous diet except for perhaps lower cholesterol. Non-skimmed milk, yogurt, cheese, and eggs have the potential for as much fat as meat in unhealthy quantities.

wickhamster 07-11-2010 21:32

So glad to hear this. I'm on my third day of vegan diet .... loving the food actually, no desire to eat the other stuff. Even cooking meat for my husband (he'll learn!) and vegan for me is no bother.

Looking forward to results like yours.

highlandken 08-27-2010 19:02

Now on my third week of this diet and im converted to being a vegan. Been type 2 for about 6 years, diet controlled initially then a rapid increase in medication. Daily blood readings of up to 16 and diabetic doctor talking about insulin!

Blood readings after week 3 now 7.1, weight loss in 3 weeks 10lbs and feel brilliant. This from a previous meat loving die hard. Doc suggesting if this continues he'll be happy reduce medication.

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