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VeeJay 12-29-2018 00:07


Originally Posted by PhoenixFire (Post 1314167)
Maybe shredded cheese won't be so bad with the Keto diet...but I bet it would be bad in combination with all the junk food.

You've got that right. Fats in combination with high carb eating is the problem. Not fats in themselves. When one greatly reduces carb consumption, fats are not a problem, and, for diabetics, become part of the solution.

VeeJay 12-29-2018 00:10


Originally Posted by PhoenixFire (Post 1314171)
I like that grocery shopping video. It says I can have Ristorante pizza once and a while! :D

As with ANYTHING anyone says is "okay for a diabetic" - what determines if that's true for YOU is through testing.

VeeJay 12-29-2018 00:17


Originally Posted by PhoenixFire (Post 1314169)
I have another question:
Is there anything dangerous about following a keto diet?

Not for most people. Back to my favorite keto resource, there are some medical conditions that if one had, keto would not be a good idea:

One of the things on the list is "impaired fat digestion" For the benefit of anyone reading this post who has had their gall bladder removed, like I had, there is a way to supplement bile to aid in digesting fats. I take a supplement of ox bile after every meal with a moderate to high fat content and have had no problems at all eating LCHF.

itissteve 12-29-2018 00:48

FWIW I had my gall bladder removed several years ago (before LCHF/keto) and have rarely had an issue with metabolizing fat. If I "overdo" it (that is, too much fat in too short a time) I'll suffer a bit digestive-wise but time and an anti-acid take care of it. As they say in the ads, "your mileage may vary".

VeeJay 12-29-2018 03:18


Originally Posted by itissteve (Post 1314183)
...I'll suffer a bit digestive-wise but time and an anti-acid take care of it.

Yours is a more mild reaction. I suffer from the runs. For a long time I didn't make the connection and couldn't figure out what was doing this to me.

The bile supplement doesn't just stops the symptoms, but I feel it aids in digesting the fat so that more of what I eat is utilized.

itissteve 12-29-2018 03:34

No doubt, I lucked out on this...

PhoenixFire 12-29-2018 11:20

Thanks again for all the great feedback, everyone! :D

chargette 01-02-2019 01:32

I had my gallbladder removed over 10 years ago and I recently started taking Pancreatin. My doctor asked me who my "other" doctor is to prescribe it to me. I told him I buy it as a supplement and it helps me from having indigestion. Which is true and I don't keep eating trying to "settle" my stomach. I also don't have to take Omeprozole anymore.

I've been eating mostly keto for over a year now. I still binge carbs on occasion but I have created controlled carb up days and my binging happens less often now.

I'm mostly learning how to balance keto and intermittent fasting, but weight loss has been a super struggle. I've had a "bad" knee for a long time and recently a specialist ordered a back x-ray. It turns out that the pain is likely caused by a pinched nerve. I decided to test this out and started walking. I use a rollator so I can sit when I need to. I dropped another 7 pounds which is nice.

So, I'm starting physical therapy at the end of January. I watch physical therapy videos for common back exercises and that helps too. My whole future is changing for the better. I'm hoping with walking and mindful eating I going to get a whole lot better.

moosha 01-02-2019 03:37

I've read that some diabetics have been able to get off insulin after 6 months to a year on keto. I'm on basal 48 units and bolus 14 units. My goal for this year is to get off insulin if I can. Has anyone here on keto had success getting off insulin?

NSDad126 01-03-2019 02:58


Originally Posted by PhoenixFire (Post 1314107)
Are there many recipes that I can portion out and save in containers? Or, are they all meals that have to be eaten the day they're made?

I make a mixed vegetable salad each week, and portion it out 1 cup at a time. it generally lasts 4-5 days. If i include spinach or lettuce, I add them at the table because they tend not to keep as well.

I have several dozen 1 cup food containers from the dollarstore. Everytime my wife makes chilli or ground beef, I put a few cups into the freezer.

Currently in the freezer, I have meatballs, ground beef, chicken, chilli, and 1 person servings of riced cauliflower.

I used them for lunches at work, and whenever my wife makes pizza for my son.

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