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VeeJay 04-11-2019 20:52

Whole30 -
I was curious about Whole30 plan and, fortunately, my library had both the book and the cookbook, which I just checked out.

My purpose was to glean some new recipes, which I did find, both in the diet book and in the cookbook, (of course). Because the Whole30 plan doesn't allow dairy or grains, that's two of the 3 major foods I have to avoid (eggs being the third), I thought I could find several recipes I'd like and be able to eat (so many low-carb cookbooks rely heavily on cheeses and other dairy products that they aren't of much help for me.)

The diet plan is a huge improvement over the typical SAD way of eating and for the general population could be a very healthy change. For a diabetic, well, there are some things that we probably couldn't eat such as root vegetables and fruits, but one can make those adjustments easily.

With that in mind, I'm thinking this might be a good way a newly diagnosed diabetic to start when making dietary changes. One's meter will have the final say as to what foods one cannot include or must limit portions.

VeeJay 04-15-2019 17:18

I've been on Whole30 (sort of) for about a week now. Reading through the recipes has motivated me to start cooking again. Been having some delicious meals as a result. I've noticed that I'm more satisfied and some of the cravings have diminished - I take full responsibility for them as I've had way too many cards of late, and not healthy ones either. My BG is much better now, even though I have been having small portions of carrots and sweet potato (no more than 2T at a time - mostly mixed in with other vegetables), and my between-meal snacking is slowing down. It's a win!

The menus and foods promoted by Whole30 are not new to me, but finding new ways to fix them is what is helping motivate me. And it's always good to receive "pep talks" through reading the books.

smorgan 04-15-2019 18:23

Note that even though it says "dairy", pure dairy fat is just fine with this diet. The diet doesn't even allow butter because of some trace amount of dairy proteins it contains. I don't know if there's any valid science behind that or not. It does allow ghee which is like 99.7% butter fat, so the FAT in diary is fine.

The sugar (lactose) is an obvious no-no for diabetics, I'm pretty sure the diet prohibits all sugar, not just dairy and grains. I don't really believe there is anything wrong with the proteins in dairy (whey, etc.), but its one of the diet superstitions out there.

I often tell newbies who are overwhelmed with the needed dietary adjustments with T2 to take it in steps.

1. Stop all sugar. Natural, added, in fruit, lactose - all of it.
2. Stop potatoes and all other "obvious" starches
3. Stop all grains

So, this diet is definitely a good start, although the banning of dairy protein is I believe unfounded and may be an impediment to getting needed nutrition. Nonetheless it's not enough for a T2 who will need to focus on reducing CARBS beyond these somewhat tangential "rules".

VeeJay 04-15-2019 19:20

Smorgan, I didn't say it was perfect for a diabetic. I mentioned that it allowed root vegetables and fruit, which is problematic for diabetics.

This is just one person's journey. As far as the dairy, their intent is to eliminate possible allergies with dairy sugars and proteins. They DO allow clarified butter or ghee. This is not a permanent plan. It's a way of determining, after reintroducing dairy after the 30 days, if it is a problem for the individual.


I don't really believe there is anything wrong with the proteins in dairy (whey, etc.), but its one of the diet superstitions out there.
No superstition here. Both my husband and I are sensitive to milk proteins (not lactose). That is why I say I cannot eat much dairy. I even react to commercial ghee, which is supposed to be free of proteins, but obviously isn't 100%. My husband has immediate reaction to whey and butter.

The authors of Whole30 are proposing a way toward health by eliminating the most common allergens in the diet (and junk food) - for 30 days - and then reintroduce them back into the diet one at a time to see if there is a reaction.

Your dietary advice to diabetics is sound. However, if one is going from the typical SAD way of eating, making that kind of drastic change without some kind of guidance - and recipes - can be difficult. This is only one diet out there among dozens. It may, or may not, be a good stepping stone for a new diabetic - as long as they understand root vegetables and most fruits are problematic, it might be helpful.

VeeJay 04-22-2019 15:24

Well, well, well !

I had always thought dairy caused the filling of my ears and resulting vertigo. I was wrong. I have continued to eat a small amount of egg per serving in baked goods (one of my known sensitivities). Yesterday I made a pancake from one egg and ate it at one sitting, and became quite dizzy a few hours later. Seems egg sensitivity is what causes the vertigo. Darn!

Leaving off egg now, along with the dairy. Fortunately I have found a keto-bread without egg that's not too bad.

I've dropped 5 pounds after a couple weeks on this plan, so that's good. But more importantly, I'm not craving nearly as much and as a result am eating less and being more satisfied. I've also found that I just love sautéed kale with breakfast.

Cassie2922 04-22-2019 15:47

The hardest part for me would be giving up artificial sweeteners and alcohol. :(

VeeJay 04-22-2019 16:14

The plan is only for 30 days.

But, I confess, I haven't given up artificial sweeteners. Don't like alcoholic beverages so no loss there.

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