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itissteve 04-19-2019 14:20

Keto WOE
Activity certainly will help burn calories and enough of it on a regular basis will bump up your metabolism. I am sure my weight loss has slowed because I was not doing things outside or bicycling or walking on the ice and snow. (I also know I could have done other things but that’s another story.)

smorgan 04-19-2019 15:54


Originally Posted by Nemo (Post 1318567)
I am 63 years old and am a type 2 diabetic since 2013. I have recently gotten serious about losing weight before I lose a foot or my eyesight.
Each day I take:
60mg of Cymbalta,
1 baby aspirin,
1 vitamin D,
1 magnesium (at bedtime)
two B12's,
1500 mg of Metformin, and
.75 mg of Trulicity once a week.
Last summer I was on the keto diet and I kept my carbs below 25 per day and in two months I gained 1 lb.

I began the keto diet again on February 19th of this year and today is April 16th and I have lost zero pounds. A month ago I stopped drinking all diet pop so now I only drink water.

I have rashes under my arm pits that come and go. Doc doesn't know what's causing it.

Although I have lost 0 pounds nor have I lost any inches I feel 80% better than I did. So I know this WOE is the way to go.

People that I talk to or people on forums tell me that my metabolism has just pretty much stopped. I read on the internet that there's no way that you can jump-start your metabolism. I've also read other things of how you can jump start it.

People tell me I'm not eating enough. So I eat more and I still don't lose weight. And then I practically starve myself and I still don't lose weight. My doctor doesn't know why I'm not losing weight on this diet. I don't think there's a diet around that I would lose weight on. So I don't think it's the way of eating that is causing the problem.

The only reason that I'm staying on this WOE is because I feel much, much better then when I'm eating junk.

Should I go to some kind of a specialist? Why am I not losing? Why has my metabolism slowed down so much? Is there anyone else out there that hasn't lost weight for a couple of months or 3 months or 4 months?
I appreciate anyone's help. Thank you.

A few things you can try:

1. Get a blood ketone meter. Precision Xtra is the most accurate. If you don't consistently maintain >0.5 in the morning and >1.0 in the afternoon/evening (measure at least 4 hours after any meal), then you are not in dietary ketosis and so your test has not even begun.

2. Watch your protein. Excess protein definitely causes weight gain (or stymies weight loss) on LC/HF or keto. Try not to exceed 12% of total calories and it should be less than 1g per kilo of body weight.

3. Eat sufficient "energy" for your needs. You can use the medieval measure "calories" to approximate this. Getting insufficient energy from food slows down metabolism. This is why calorie restriction diets nearly always fail or if they have some success are quickly reversed (plus some) in the medium term. A properly done ketogenic diet actually increases basal metabolism.

4. In addition to being sufficient, make sure that 75 - 80% of your daily energy comes from fat.

5. Avoid Omega-6 polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) as much as you can. This means no "vegetable" oils, eat grass-fed beef if possible. PUFA are obesogenic as they increase fat cells' sensitivity to insulin, causing them to snag glucose from circulation and convert it to fat for storage. Lean on foods highest in saturated fats (nearly all dietary sources contain all three classes of fats, just in different ratios).

6. If you can afford it, sign up for diabetes care with Virta. They supply all testing equipment and supplies and can help a lot with monitoring and making sure you stay on track.

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