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PhoenixFire 08-16-2019 16:12

Still can't get my act together
I thought I could keep a bit of dark chocolate in my diet but can't seem to control myself with it. I eat 3 squares as a treat with my tea in the morning. Then I often eat another two squares in the evening. I'm supposed to eat 1/4 cup of nuts as a snack but end up doubling that to 1/2 a cup. I still can't stop eating cheese and crackers. I've tried celery but it's bland and gets stuck in my teeth. Plus, I just can't get motivated to chopped and prepare foods. I don't know what to eat as snacks. With meals I'm a bit better. I'm having more veggies. I've cooked some chicken breasts. I have a lean cuisine sometimes.

I've lost 22 lbs but seem unable to lose more.

I'm also supposed to only eat at certain times during the day but can't seem to adhere to schedules of any kind. This goes for goal setting too. Thanks for reading. I just have to get this off my chest.

itissteve 08-16-2019 18:44

It's good to see you back, PhoenixFire!

I don't have any immediate advice for you right now (did respond in your other thread) but I'll think about what you might be able to try.

VeeJay 08-16-2019 20:49

I have similar issues. I was so good for about 6years - never cheating, always eating what I should. Then several months ago it all fell apart. And its been a struggle.

I think that having to deal with other health issues and pain from a shoulder replacement and therapy, and a certain amount of just being so tired of the struggle, that it seemed okay to let myself ease up a bit on the diet and have something "good". Well, that backfired because I didn't want to stop.

It's better these days, but I still have a handful of this or that every few days. And, of course, there's been some weight gain - duh! carb! I just take one day at a time and congratulate myself when I win a battle, and don't beat myself up if I give in... again.

For instance, today, after trying for several weeks, I managed to skip breakfast - trying to get into the 16:8 IF. Maybe I'll be able to do it again tomorrow?

PhoenixFire 08-21-2019 01:09

Thanks for the comments everyone. I've been trying to eat more veggies this week.

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