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itissteve 02-18-2020 20:02

The price of eating low-carb/keto
Posts in another thread brought me to thinking about how much my wife and I spend on groceries now that we're both largely eating keto. One poster mentioned that buying keto-friendly ingredients was often too expensive; another stated that eating keto saved them money because they were satisfied eating less.

Given that both of those statements could be true in the experiences of those persons, I thought I'd post a few of the things that my wife and I do to keep food costs down. I'd love to see what others do. I'm sure we've had threads like this before but I'm also pretty sure it's been a while. Here goes:

- Frozen vegetables are cheaper than fresh, for us, almost always. I've learned to not cook them quite as long as the bag recommends, finding they come out much more like steamed fresh vegetables, without the spoilage problem of fresh vegetables. Of course, some vegetables (like zucchini) do not fare well through the freezing process. But those that do taste more like fresh to us this way.

- Ethnic markets by us can be excellent sources of lower-cost foods in that cuisine. For example, the best prices I can find on greens (varieties of cabbage, collards, turnip greens, etc.) are at local Asian supermarkets. The turnover keeps them pretty fresh, too. Mediterranean markets are good for olive oil; south Asian/Indian markets good for ghee and spices. n.b., farmer's markets here have some of the highest-quality food around, but that does not come at a bargain price; you're paying for that quality.

- I do find that, since we're not buying that much protein, we can buy better cuts of meat or nicer sausages or whatever, without spending more than we were before. Or you can save some more money here.

- One thing that I'm sure has saved us considerable money is not having the notion that food has to look like it did before keto. I was never much into desserts, so I have not spent heavily on (expensive) almond or coconut flours or specialty liquid sweeteners (Lakanto brand, I'm looking at you) or keto-friendly chocolate chips. I don't have to figure out how to make keto-friendly batter for fried chicken. I realize that food tastes are individual, but this alone has saved us a fair amount on non-staple ingredients which sometimes can't get used up before they have to be tossed.

So what do you folks do to save some money in menu planning?

rsfletcher 02-19-2020 17:01

It's a challenge where I live - isolated - Prince Edward Island. There's a large bridge that connects us to New Brunswick and a lot of goods come in from the States and Mexico but because of transportation cost of groceries is hgher than what one would find in a large city.
So we now cut out the wholesaler in a lot of our purchases and deal directly with the farmer or deal with a small independent business that sells for the farmer. When certain foods are in season the season months different story all together.

alamogirl 02-20-2020 17:18

Interesting post. To tell you the truth, my grocery bill has come down since I stopped going aisle per aisle buying boxed and canned goods. I tend to buy the same things over and over. Right now, I'm on a pan-fried chicken breast with asparagus kick. I pan fry using coconut oil.

I still buy some fruit, like apples and maybe strawberries, but I used to eat a lot of grapes, bananas, peaches, etc., which I no longer do.

Cassie2922 02-20-2020 17:59


Originally Posted by alamogirl (Post 1325017)
Sorry for double post. I deleted the 2nd post.

Do you use skinless chicken breasts? What seasoning do you use? I never find pan-fried chicken appetizing.

patpuckett 02-22-2020 05:20


Originally Posted by Cassie2922 (Post 1325019)
Do you use skinless chicken breasts? What seasoning do you use? I never find pan-fried chicken appetizing.

I have recently started frying with both butter and olive oil. I use skin-on breasts and the butter and olive oil makes a crustier skin. I season with salt, pepper, garlic and a meat seasoning such as McCormick's Roasted Garlic & Herb.

I hope you'll find these appetizing since they are so easy.

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