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What was your fasting blood sugar this morning? - Page 727

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Old 06-19-2013, 14:48   #7261
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Type 2
Diagnosed in 2009

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i had a 6.6 fbg reading this day .

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i was diagnose 2009. my readings at the start were in the 20s fbs my insulin to start at 19 on my lantus pen. i also taken half glyberide morning and at night. half way throuth 2009 i was off the lantus. the glyberide down to a half in a day. in 2010 i went off the glyberide. i portion size what i eat. i have lost 20 pounds this way. my AC1 5.0 in 2009. my up date .I have been of meds since 2010 . my AC1 in 2010 was a 5.0 fbg . now 2014 I am at 7.0 fbg . iam having highs and lows going on .
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88 today, and this is the first time that my fasting has been under 90 in 6 months. Yay for progress!

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Pumping insulin since 2017
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Old 06-19-2013, 14:59   #7263
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110 this morning, with a chilly 59 degrees here in Ohio. Everyone have a great day!


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Old 06-19-2013, 16:53   #7264
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104 this morning. Everyone have great day!

A1c 7.2% 7/2012 (the "cornbread summer")
6.7% in 10/2012 (218 lbs)
Started LCHF + exercise, no meds
6.0 in 11/2012 (201 lbs)
5.3 in 3/2012 (184 lbs)
5.8 in 5/2013 (180 lbs)
5.4 in 9/2013 (182 lbs)
5.6 in 2/2014 (190 lbs)
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Vitals from Vicki

DX Type 2 Summer 2012
Metformin 2000/day
Simvastatin 10 mg/day
Data from 9/19/12
A1C 5.9
EAG 123
Chol 120 HDL 49
TriGl 195 LDL 32
Dr recommends 120 AM 140 PM
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Old 06-19-2013, 17:24   #7266
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46 a while ago. Cuz dropped chapatis in place of bread. I reached this level after 2years I guess. The closest I went Down i the last two years was 52.

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Old 06-19-2013, 19:49   #7267
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7.4(133) for me this AM. Possibly due to lighter dinner last night.

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Old 06-19-2013, 20:12   #7268
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A lovely 85 this late morning. I slept in!

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Old 06-19-2013, 21:21   #7269
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74 (4.1) this dreary, cloudy, rainy morning. 79 (4.4) at bedtime.

I meant to reply to this sooner Kristina58, sorry. Thanks, I work very hard and am vigilant with my diet to get those numbers. Being in ketosis helps a lot too!

Baby Boo is a rescue, he found my neighbor when he was about 6 months old, but looked about 6 weeks old. (He will be 7 yrs next month.) She made sure he was going to be OK then let me adopt him. I am pretty sure he is at least part Maine Coon, if not full blooded. The vet said there were a lot of stray cats like him showing up around the area at the time, so dad must not have been fixed and was roaming free. I don't think he was feral as he took to me (and my neighbor) right away, though he is very distrustful of anyone else. So I think he was born in a home and probably abused then dumped at the head of our dirt road. To this day he is terrified of the sound my ski jacket makes when I put it on or any other clothing that makes that swishing sound.

As far as testing him for diabetes, there is no way in heck I am getting anywhere near his ear with a lancet. I would be shredded!! I have had to put medication in his ear for a recurring virus he gets and he hated it so much he won't let me near his ear with anything in my hand. He is terrible with any meds other than a shot at the vet's, which is how we have to deal with his virus now. Tried all kinds of other ways to administer the meds and I have the scars to prove it! I hope for both our sakes, he doesn't get the D.

He can be a love though when we are alone. He runs and hides when anyone else comes, or a car goes past my driveway. I think he was dumped from a car thus the fear. He is extremely shy. My friend that has been taking care of him for the last few years when I go away has never seen him at all. All he sees is an empty food dish and poop/pee in the box!!

Originally Posted by Kristina58 View Post
Gramma, you rock! With those numbers, you will have long life and health!

What a beautiful cat! Is he a Maine Coon? We had one like him, we lost him to diabetes. Sad, by the time he exhibited symptoms, he was in a crisis. We took him to an ER clinic, his blood glucose was 3000+, and just about everything was going, his kidneys, liver, etc, all we could do was have him put to sleep.

We didn't know the cat's true age, we adopted him from a shelter as an adult, but he was probably 11-15 years old. We were led to believe he was about 5-6 years. We would have taken him, anyways, we loved him, but if we knew his true age we would have been more on the lookout for such conditions.

Did you know you can test a cat for diabetes at home? It will at least give you a baseline, and how close he is to high glucose levels. Just use your own meter and strips. Poke his ear for a sample. Put something behind the ear, like a tennis ball, or some firm surface, then set your lancet to the lowest level and poke. Note, you can only do this once with a cat, they learn quickly! And take care not to get scratched up in the process.

Then, look up normal/high blood glucose levels for cats. Its a quick way to determine of more intervention is indicated.


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A 93 (5.2) this afternoon when I got up. Was 126 when I got home from work this morning. Overindulgence on proteins again at work. If BH packs it I eat it. I'll learn one day.

Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
a1c 8.8 (8/2011) 5.2 (02/2020)
TC 183 LDL 102 HDL 65 TG 52 (02/20/2020)
Supplemental vitamins and electrolytes
65 YY Love the LCHF diet. The cheese goes well with my whine

updated 10/12/2020
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