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Gallbladder issues - Page 3

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As bad as you've been treated by the medical community, I still have to say - see a doctor. Moon has provided the nitty-gritty reason and you know she's right. I wish there were one who could see your whole picture and make sense of it - I think these docs are just looking at one small piece of the puzzle at a time, without ever considering it as a whole. But these attacks have got to stop. ((((David))))

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First off, disable google . It's a wonderful tool, but for medical problems, it is nightmare inducing. According to google, I shouldn't be alive with all my aches and pains...

I had gall bladder issues several years ago. I had three attacks and that was enough and out it came. I had four little incisions. The surgery was on a Thursday and I was back to work on Monday. At my six week check up he said, "ok, you can go back to work on Monday now". Uh.....pardon? I never took time off of work! He looked at me like I was nuts lol. Even my friend, a nurse, gave me hell for not resting up. Meh, no one said anything so how was I supposed to know lol.

Anyways....honestly, I would lean heavily toward gall bladder issues over pancreatic cancer. My mom died of PC 14 years ago and from what I read in your posts, it doesn't scream PC to me. Get thyself to a doctor and find out, get the MRI or ultrasound, even just to allay your fears. Not knowing and worrying is worse than the disease. Mom had severe pain, jaundice and couldn't eat ANYTHING. This is the woman who had a burst appendix for a week and thought it was indigestion. Ridiculously high pain tolerance. You aren't there yet and given how rare PC is (in the grand scheme) unless you smoke and/or drink heavily PC is probably way off the radar. I'm not a doctor.....but that's my two cents, for what it's worth.

Good luck and here's a hug of encouragement from me to you!!!!

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Originally Posted by moon
You need to go to the doctor.

I'm going to tell you a story that is so embarrassing in the extreme that honestly, there are few wild horses that would drag this out of me. Consider yourself a rare wild horse.

When I started my business in the mid-80's, my parents begged me to get health insurance, saying if something serious happened to me and I wasn't insured it could bankrupt them, as they would pour everything they had into my health. I was so healthy, and poor starting on a shoestring, that health insurance was the last thing I was thinking about. 'Okay, okay' I said and then dilly-dallied and did nothing.

At the time, there was a lot of press about Pres Reagan's colon cancer, symptoms, what to look for, etc and right about that time I started getting blood in my stools. Uh oh. The blood continued, got worse, and I convinced myself I had cancer. It was too late to get health insurance - pre-existing conditions - and I would not go to a doctor from fear.

I was in high-octane panic. No way did I want to bankrupt my parents, and what was the point anyway if I was only going to die of cancer? So, I started thinking how I could end my life and make it look like an accident. But I'm not into pain, and a car-off-cliff seemed too risky. So then I figured I needed to arrange a murder. I was out of control. I told my partner nothing, but he could tell something was terribly wrong. I withdrew, didn't sleep, panic attacks, and the only option seemed to be hiring a hit man to kill me, but then how do we arrange transfer of funds and I not just lose all my money and still end up not dead? I laid awake at night coming up with the most insane strategies, finding loopholes, going back to the drawing board. How could I trust a hit man? And how the hell would I find one? They aren't my typical dinner guests.

Finally, I was in such a state that I decided I needed to find out how bad my cancer was, how advanced, how long I might live with no treatment. And I thought, maybe if I have a lot of time, I could then get health insurance and 'discover' the cancer under my own name a year later. So I went directly to an oncologist in another city under an assumed name. Seriously. I made myself mentally ill.

So, I tell the doc I'm concerned about all this blood in my stool. He does a physical and cheerfully declares, "you're fine, you just have hemorrhoids."

I purchased insurance the very next day.

Please go to the doc. Don't make yourself as insane as I did.
Wow moon. Thank you for sharing that. I really appreciate it. I am sorry you had to go through that.

I am worried a am headed in the same direction. I just get so frustrated and tired of pain, and sickness. It seems I can't reach the top of that hill. Everytime things start going good it seems something just knocks me back down. I constantly question myself on whether the pain is real or if I am making it up. I just can't believe that this can all happen so quickly to someone who was always so healthy. I still can't believe I have D. I deal with it head on but I am always half expecting it to go away. I can't possibly have it.

Then I feel like an idiot because there are many people out there that are in a much worse situation than me. I tell myself there is nothing wrong and to press forward and it will go away.

I worry so much about my kids. I worry about missing them grow up. I am at a higher risk for everything bad it seems. I worry about them growing up without a father like me and how I said I would never let that happen. I just got my life started. It isn't supposed to go this way.

I am supposed to see the doctor on Wednesday but I had so much pain this afternoon that I was thinking about the ER. Then it eased up a bit and I told myself it was gas.

And to think my last name is Manley.

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Originally Posted by rudeboysti View Post
Wow moon. Thank you for sharing that. I really appreciate it. I am sorry you had to go through that.
It was almost 30 years ago, and while a brief period of inexplicable madness, it taught me something about just how crazy and out-of-control closed-loop circular thinking can get. Life lesson, and I laugh now about the escalating absurdity of it. The important thing is to break out of destructive thinking that is based on no facts whatsoever, just fear. While human, fear is a terribly illogical place to live because apart from anything else, most of the things we waste all that fear energy on never come true, and certainly not quite the way we imagine them.

A likely reality is you could need to have your gallbladder out, which is an easy-peasy surgery. I was pleased to be rid of mine!

Very glad you’ve got a doc appt.

(( Hang in there))

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