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HardBackStrider 08-10-2012 07:29

What was your Spike today
We all love to report our lows. I am interested in our spikes. What we test in the morning is great but I am also interested in those negative spikes and maybe what caused them and what we did. Tonight I hit 11.4 after dinner not happy thought about going back on Metformin. That high number gave me the initiative to go for a fast 1/2 hour walk. Tested a 6.4 when I got back. pretty sure it was the white rice at dinner and I know it's going to climb again. We will see when I test in the morning. So what was your high today.

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skb 08-10-2012 07:52

A 109 (6.0) if you will consider it a spike. reason - I had a filling lunch two hours before the test.

robopancreas 08-10-2012 16:32

I was at 160 this morning. I had 2 carb servings of chili to cover a low. Im thinking I went a little over-board.

HardBackStrider 08-10-2012 17:05

My 205 last night scared and depressed me all in one. I hate feeling sorry for myself but find the situation I am in depressing. Need to give myself a good slap.

tish 08-10-2012 17:05

Good question. I was out and skipped lunch and had a small doughnut (bad) an hour ago, and bs 5.3 now. About to have dinner, so will see.

tish 08-10-2012 17:12

Dont worry. you will have to slap me too. the despair makes me skip a meal since I often cant even think of what to eat, unless I have another salad or nibble on strawberries. I like an orange after dinner, a new habit, to replace chocolates, and that too spikes me. just discovered its a good 15C.
So what now!

silvertiger 08-10-2012 17:29

I actually was bad yesterday and ate a caramel apple at a fair... but only spiked to 7.4! Probably because of all the walking I was doing. I also made sure to eat some meat beforehand, which might have helped.

HardBackStrider 08-10-2012 17:29

I wish I was in this despair boat by myself but I know I am not. Doc gave me 100tablets of Dilaudid 2mg I often wonder if it's more than just for pain. I need to fix this train of thought.

tish 08-10-2012 18:06

Just know you're not alone. My check up with my doc is overdue and I dont even want to go. My BP was on 130/100 two mnths ago and he put me on stronger pills. It made me sick and I stopped it. Now I feel ok, I dont want to know from him if I am suppose to feel bad. That sounds funny. I often cant believe I have this problem but its my reality which I still need to come to terms with. I hope the new pills helps.

Darbro 08-10-2012 18:51

I like this thread; it was a great idea. I think that sometimes the constant onslaught of less than 100 mg/dl readings posted by folks can be more depressing than encouraging. We are all at different stages/degrees and have varying physiologies and metabolisms. Therefore some folks norms are near unreachable by others.

I never have a fasting level less than 100, regardless of what I do. My spikes rarely come from food. Of course now and then something will surprise me, but my diet is ultra low carb and therefore food doesn't affect my bg too much (unless I eat a particularly large meal). For me, my bg is high in the morning and generally drops throughout the day....yeah, big time dp.

However, I spike under stress, both physical and emotional. I wake up with anything between 110 (rare) to 125 (usual) and even as high at 145! By 4pm it is usually 90-110, the more sitting I do, the better. It's always lower when I'm at my desk all afternoon, eating or not, it makes little difference. The other morning I was 117'ish and went to give a lecture (one I've done many times and wasn't particularly worried), and came back to a 186! WTF? Other times I will do some gardening outside and go from 125 to a 156 bg/dl.

There you go. Hope my high's make somebody here feel good about their numbers. Meanwhile, I think it is very important for folks on this site to understand that it's not all about the food. Insulin is in balance with epinephrine and glucagon, and sometimes regulating the latter two (counter regulatory hormones) is more important. In my case it is glucose coming from the liver that is responsible for the majority of my spikes/highs. Often I find that a glass or two of wine is the best medicine!

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