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RayH 09-02-2012 17:45

Thank You, Thank You
Thank you for enlightening me on cholesterol. I had recently learned that glucose was a major factor in the creation of artery clogging cholesterol. That explained why my lipids rose and fell with my A1c.

As a T-2 with no known food issues other than diabetes, I had recently decided to eat more natural foods and stay away from "man invented" stuff, like artificial sweeteners, margarine, etc. I went back to whole milk because I didn't like how skim milk was processed to make it whiter.

I eat a moderate high veggie and some meat, low carb, low fat diet. I didn't say no carb or no fat. From my front door, I live within 5 short city blocks of 10 veggie markets and 5 meat markets. Unless I go out with friends, I tend only to eat meat at lunch. I tend to like carbs with my meat, so I stay away from the meat.

I see that what I am eating today pretty much mirrors what I ate as a child. As a child I seldom got sick.

VeeJay 09-02-2012 18:57

You were lucky to be eating veggies as a child. Most children in this country are on a high sugar/starch diet. My understanding is that sugars compromise the immune system. So it's understandable that if you weren't eating lots of sugars and starches your immune system was functioning well.

I'm hoping that a low-carb diet will, for me, improve my immune system and so far it seems to be working.

SummerDays 09-03-2012 08:29

Isnt it brilliant when you read about something you were wondering about for awhile and someone just unlocks the answer for you
The power of DSMA!

RayH 09-03-2012 14:34

I'm ethnic Cantonese. I was born, raised, and still live in California... veggies were always a part of our diet. I live around so many veggie stores, it just makes sense to center my diet around veggies. I also eat a lot of nuts.

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