My Life after 1 year of Diagnose (Type 2 D) - Page 2

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My Life after 1 year of Diagnose (Type 2 D) - Page 2

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Wow JT -- I gotta say I am just SO IMPRESSED with your story!! YOU ROCK!!

What an inspiration you are


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Great progress!!! Way to go!!!!

You are a great inspiration. ;-)

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That is awesome keep up the good work

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I love the badminton story, Its all about how you respond, at work a few years ago we had a motivational speaker Billy Robins talk to us about safety, he worked on phone lines and lost both his hands on the job when he was young, got very little $$ for the accident, now he is a Millionaire travelling the world talking to people for a living. One of his messages was that had that not happened he would still be installing phone lines and would never be a millionaire, (he said it way better than that). Your story and stories like his help remind me it’s all what you do about it that matters, Good Job love your story.

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That's an incredible story. Thanks for sharing it. Like you, I think my diabetes diagnosis actually saved my life. I too began walking and soon found that boring and needed new challenges. I now run 3-4 times per week and put in 4-5 km each time. That's huge for me since I used to get winded after running 20 yards! I went from a 12.6 HbA1C at Dx to a 5.8 four months later. I also hope to be off some of the meds I've been taking. Congratulations to you. You've done an amazing thing! Keep us posted on how being off all meds is going.

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So good to have you back, James! Thanks for the update - you look SO happy & healthy!

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Thank You Everyone for your kind words..

Now, I cannot believe how life will be if I am still weighting 139 kgs last year.. after losing 36 kgs and 7.5 inches on my waist line.. I had to change my whole wardrobe.. I am more energetic now and compare to last year when I used to feel tired all the time..

My Wife told me I do not snore as loud and less snoring nowadays (Embarrassed) Lol

This forum have guide me a lot in my diet and how to maintain BG and Cholesterol levels..

My coach Mr Ong have taught me a lot and his patience with me was amazing.. He did not look down on me when I was FAT and Clumsy.. He was always there for me...

Another Great Happen in my life is, while opening the letter box, I got a letter this Morning..

Wooohoo!! I am selected to Represent Australia for the Australian Masters Games Next year!!

Last but not least, After being diagnose for Type 2, have made a lot more friends in my life online and real life.. (I used to stay at home all the time in front of this computer and play FB and Farmville for 3 years after work)

Its been an AMAZING Year to be Educated on how to eat, what to eat and how to look after our health and move on to another level of losing weight and gain back our healthy life style!!

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09-09-11 HBA1C - 11.2% (First Diagnosed Type 2)
17/11/11 HBA1C - 6.9%
25/02/12 HBA1C - 5.5

23/06/12 HBA1C - 5.6[/COLOR]
8/10/12 HBA1C - 5.7[/COLOR]

No meds. Only Exercise.
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What a great inspirational story, and another example of how diabetes can bring good things into our lives if we let it, and fight for it.

You put up an amazing fight and have earned every single reward.


Dx'ed Feb 2011 w/ BS > 600
A1C: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Other Stuff
2/13/11 .. 14.7 . . . . . . Trig/HDL ratio .. 5.5 to 2.2 in 6 mo
5/23/11 .. 6.2 . . . . . . . Low-carb/high healthy-fat diet
9/8/11 .... 5.6 . . . . . . . No meds, No statin
2/24/16 .... basal/bolus insulin 2-3 days/wk due to steroids

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Originally Posted by JT. View Post
Hi Guys,

Its been a fruitful past 1 year..

I remember when I was diagnose with T2 at 11.2 hba1c, I didnt know what to do.. I didnt know what can I eat..

My Dr just ask me to eat less and exercise!

And I spent time reading and searching for information everyday from 4 to 8 hours a day...

And the more I sit in this PC, I cant stops eating (esp carbs) and smoking....

After I found this Forum... I read and everyone seems to be following the LCHF diet.. At first I was like EAT FATS? Skin from the chicken ?? Are you kidding me??

And Yes, I took a try for 2 weeks and My sugar was well maintain.. And when I first started walking, I couldnt walk for 5-8 mins climbing up a hill.

After that, I could able to walk over 30 mins for the first week and 1 hrs in the 2nd week. (with 2 to 3 times walking a day)

I even stops smoking... took up Champix for around 4 weeks and i quit the ciggs..

Later I found out that walking is too boring for me.... So I told myself, I need to find some exercise or sports which makes me run and sweat as winter is coming...

So I remember I used to play Badminton (for the school and other clubs) when I was young. Later I stop badminton is because I had a potts fractal in my ankle and that took me 5 years to heal with metal blades and screws inside

Took me 1 to 2 weeks and I found more then 8 places near my home which I can play badminton..

Took up the sports and I remember very well. first day coming back to play badminton after 21 years... I was playing with a 60 year old man... Lose to him 0- 15 and 1- 15 in 2 sets.. He was a EX World Masters Games Gold medallist.

Its was damn embarrassing and the old man was laughing at me and ask me to shed some fats and next time play with him again... I was there trying to grasp my breath as my asthma kicks in.

At that moment, I couldnt took the blow and almost kill myself!! Later I found a good coach, he taught me what to do and he ask me to train with him everyday just on Agility and physical.

For 2 weeks with his daily training for 2-3 hrs a day.. I lost 7 kgs...

I was quicker, was able to move in the badminton court better..

After 3 months of training, I went back and Challenge the old man and beat him 15-2 15-3. He was amazed of me losing so much weight and moving quicker in the court.

I am still training 2 to 3 times a week and play badminton 5 to 7 times a week as well as coaching the young kids who wants to learn to play badminton. (you can say most of the time I am in the court lol)

This Forum and Diet has help me to control and maintain a decent HBA1C But "sometimes" I need to add a bit of carbs in my diet as I am using and burning lots of energy everyday esp playing 3 to 4 hours of badminton a day...

I have quit sitting down on this computer and move my ass to the court everyday LOL..

Its been a pretty good experience year!!

Naynay: I have not been smoking, quit smoking for close to a yr now.. Life is Good!
JT thats awesome. I wish to be as successful on my 1 year anniversary. you are inspirational and funny! Keep that ability to laugh. till next time enjoy the court and cya!!


DX=AUG. 14. 2012 @ 684 A1c 13.6 DKA
Nov. 5th, 2012 A1c 5.3
2.5 MG lisinopril, 81 mg Aspirin ec low dos
600 MG Gabapentin
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