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GreeceDweller 11-03-2012 11:26

How often do you Cheat?
Now that I've been on board with Team Type II Diabetes, I've tried for three months to keep my sugars as Jenny of BS101 to 140 and have done well with only diet and exercise, and a few cheat dinners, lunches etc.

Now, I'm curious from you veterans who have had type II for years without meds, do you occasionally purposefully go off the diet and have excess carbs and has it affected you over the long haul?

I am trying to see what is an acceptable "cheating" schedule? I.e., after a marathon (rare), or once a month, etc. So far, I've allowed myself to have one great lunch meal after each A1C test over the last 2 momths as long as between 4.9 and 5.7, and so far so good.

You all?

tish 11-03-2012 11:40

Im still on meds. I cheat now and again with a little more fruit than I should have and of course then Im angry with myself afterwards.

My problem is I would rather have fruit than normal food. I will seldom then eat anything else. I justify it it with so many carbs per day :o

I will have one or two small slices of pizza when Im out with anyone who is having a pizza.

I do these calculated cheats :rolleyes:

MCS 11-03-2012 11:46

I used to push the envelope when first dxed but not now, haven't had much in the way of carbs in a long time. It has to do with prior illness from D.. I came thru a sh!t storm and got things under control, so now I navigate thru calmer waters.

Wife on the other hand has had no ill effects from D, so she will find any excuse to eat this or eat that. Its an on going conflict in our house.

skb 11-03-2012 12:13

During festivities, parties or weddings the plan does go haywire sometimes. But that is a part of the game and also to be enjoyed. I don't think of it in terms of cheating.

As one loses weight and gains better numbers the carb tolerance also improves a bit and you'll find your body handling the load a bit better than before. It takes 4-5 days for the levels to return & the weight to also return to baseline. You'll find that while you are on your way up you BG will also follow by 10-20 points & as you start to lose, it returns to normal gradually. 11-03-2012 12:58


Old spoilsport here!

We all fall off the wagon once in a while and then pay for it over the following few days. It's like getting drunk. Do it once a year and you get a hangover. Do it every other day and you get cirrhosis.

Please don't design yourself a "cheat schedule" - It gives you a passport to getting sloppy and whilst in the short term, you may appear to get away with it, long term I feel sure you'll pay for it.

Yes, once in a while - have your reward meal but don't structure it in as routine!

Shanny 11-03-2012 13:44

Of course there are weaker moments when I eat something I shouldn't, but it isn't premeditated and it isn't by design. It took me several months - perhaps even most of my first year with diabetes - to recognize that if repairing the damage and regaining the lost ground took three days, after only 20 minutes spent eating just one luscious sushi roll, then I would not and could not ever catch up or get ahead and gain control of my blood sugar. It isn't worth it to me.

It's a little like a abusive marriage - you can't keep going back to your old ways, or eventually it's gonna kill you.

Judy-in-France 11-03-2012 14:25

If you think about cheating in advance, try to think of it for special days only:

Johns cheating schedule is:
Johns birthday.
My birthday.
Our anniversary.

That is it.

Humhum 11-03-2012 14:35

It isn't worth it to me either Shanny. I have been doing great......under 100 for a month then got carried away at Golden Corral. Think it was mainly the portions....but now been 3 days running 120-135 not counting spikes. I could kick myself. Being low was so much more fun than that meal. Since my doc will only give me basal, I was to let it run its course.�� 11-03-2012 14:40


Originally Posted by Judy-in-France (Post 126703)
If you think about cheating in advance, try to think of it for special days only:

Johns cheating schedule is:
Johns birthday.
My birthday.
Our anniversary.

That is it.

Didn't cheat on my birthday this year - I was sick with a viral infection :-(

I'd also just say that our definition of "cheat" is along the lines of
  • I'm allowed two or even three glasses of wine with dinner rather than just the regulation one.
  • An extra 10 or so grams of carbohydrate in the meal
  • A dessert usually in the form of a cheesecake with an almond flour base or in the summer a fake ice cream sweetened by berry fruit only.
So there!

Daytona 11-03-2012 14:40

I agree with Shanny. I don't schedule cheats, even for my birthday I make an effort to bake up something low-carb.

Do I sometimes screw up, ending up in situations where I am hungry and have no low-carb food? Yes, and then I do the best I can. But I always end up paying for it. I wouldn't want to sign myself up for regularly spiking my BG, feeling miserable and guilty...

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