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Cats&Plants 11-05-2012 01:37

Wild & busy few weeks...
Hi all! Haven't been around in a while other than lurking a bit here and there. Frying up some bacon so I have a few minutes to post lol.

It's been a busy couple of weeks. My car kept breaking down on me....$2000.00 later and two weeks of bs from the mechanic, it's finally fixed. It would hesitate and stall when driving over bumps....not cool - I live and work near railroad tracks, yikes! Plus this city is full of potholes and manhole covers lol. It's fixed now (or so it seems, knock on wood). Happens again and it's getting traded for a new car lol

Two sick sister in law' husbands family is just so worried right now. Sister A (Lisa) has terminal lung cancer that has started growing again...doing more chemo but its just a stop gap at this point. I'm just so sad for her.....

Sister B (Heather) is in hospital with epilepsy problems. She had a mild case of DKA (she also has T1 D) two weeks ago and was in hospital. While she was there the wonderful and so attentive medical staff neglected to give her her epilepsy meds for a week. This was even after her husband brought them her pills from home. We are so angry at this hospital we could just spit. Argh. So they sent her home and within hours she was seizing. She is now in another hospital (a better one....). The first day she had bleeding in her brain from seizing - she was having a fit pretty much hourly for the first day. She has massive headaches that wouldn't resolve so they did more tests and found a clot so now are doing heparin therapy to bust it. Hopefully she will be better soon.

I told my husband he can't even get a hint of sick....his mother can't take it lol. Two sick daughters is more than she needs. Lisa is stable at least and poor Heather should be on the mend now, but all this in two weeks. Heather's husband is trying to lodge a complaint on the first hospital because of their gross incompetence.

So, this has kept me pretty busy, plus my sister has now bought the house I live in so I have to move by next summer. She want to renovate the basement so it may be sooner depending on the level of destruction, I mean renovation lol. We are looking for a place, thankfully we have time to save and be prepared. Now if my car would just quit costing me all my savings life would be grand lol.

November 18-23 I get to go to a small town in Saskatchewan, population 345. Not kidding lol. I have to train the office on how to use the computers - that'll be fun I'm sure ha ha.

November 30 I quit smoking. Enough is enough. Plus my dad goes to Thailand on November 29 so there will be no smokers in the house derailing my willpower.

Holy, ok, enough rambling lol. Have a lovely week everyone!

Patdart 11-05-2012 01:40

Fingers crossed for family and good luck on the smoking! It's hard but no time is better than the other. One minute at a time until you get to one day at a time.

Good luck,

skb 11-05-2012 10:40

Good Luck with all the health issues in the family. I kicked the butt on 25th Oct, so I wish you all the best on that front as well. It's something we can all do without.

Shanny 11-05-2012 13:43

Good land, Rachel - that's way too much on your plate at once. And I thought we were in a spin over here since OWC's MI. Will be sending good vibes for all you & all your family. :hug:

Kudos on quitting smoking . . . I've been smoke-free since November 15, 1984. No regrets whatever, but I'm still carrying around some of the weight I gained then. ;)

And I'll be thinking of you in Saskatchewan - I grew up in a town that size, slightly smaller actually. Everybody knew everybody else, and I was related to at least half of them! :D It definitely has its pros & cons!

GretchenRS 11-05-2012 16:25

Hi Rachel and nice to meet you ...

I joined this wonderful forum in September.

Oh my, I feel for you, I really do. There have been a couple of times in my life when I really felt like we were being dumped on, just a lot to cope with at once.
I hope you are able to keep your BG under control with all the stress you are going through !!

I may be quitting smoking about the same time you do. I wanted to get my BG under control first. I was always afraid to quit because I was sure I would get the munchies and send my weight up to the stratosphere, and I was already overweight. But at least on the LC diet my cravings are getting under control. And a good part of my smoking is the oral-fixation part.

Anyway, please take care of yourself. Do some meditation, or yoga, or take a long soaking bath with aromatherapy oils. Anything you can to alleviate the stress.
We'll be thinking of you, take care :)

moon 11-05-2012 18:23

Life has a way of bunching up on us, doesn't it? When that happens, I like to think we're paying it forward and are in for one heck of a clean ride once the dust settles. Sorry for all your bunching :(

When I quit smoking some decades ago, after having smoked for a couple of decades, it was exactly the situation you're describing. I had wanted to quit for some time but lived with someone who smoked, so I continued to in self defense. When he finally agreed to quit with me, I tossed my smokes and that was that. Here's to you having a similar success. I think we know when we're ready.

Good for you.

Cats&Plants 11-06-2012 02:13

Hi again:)

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I honestly didn't realize how much was stressing me out until I finished typing it all out. Now I see why I've been so tired and feeling out of sorts.

As for my diabetes, well, thankfully it's behaving, but probably just the metformin because my diet has been horrible....everyday I plan to eat properly but lunch usually gets me, or rather, my lack of forethought to plan and pack healthy LC/HF meals. Onward and upward, all I can do is go one day at a time.

Thanks again for the kind words, the support is very important to me :)

grammaB 11-06-2012 05:40

Rachel, I am so sorry to hear of all you are faced with right now. I will hold you and your whole family in my thoughts and prayers.

fenix92 11-06-2012 08:16

Congratulations on quitting those cigs and so sorry for everything else :grouphug: Do take the time to post if you need to - the guys here offer a fantastic support system!
Take care

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