polycystic ovarian syndrome

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polycystic ovarian syndrome

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Default polycystic ovarian syndrome

Hi I was wondering if any of you ladies have polycystic ovarian syndrome and how your life/eating changed with getting diagnosed with PCOS. thanks

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Default PCOS and diet

Originally Posted by Montana.alvidrez View Post
Hi I was wondering if any of you ladies have polycystic ovarian syndrome and how your life/eating changed with getting diagnosed with PCOS. thanks
I wish I could say yes but when I was diagnosed no mention of a specific diet was made--just the old "you need to lose weight" advice. So I tried different diets and the only one that worked was the Atkins diet. I was diagnosed as Type II Diabetic much later. Had I known--and medical science known--of the link I would have stayed with the Atkins diet much longer.
My problems were also linked, I am convinced, to the slowly growing encased carcinoma in my thyroid. My thryroid test kept coming back "low normal" so until my doctor could actually feel a lump, we had no clue. By the way, anybody who is "low normal" is probably low. (That is a whole other forum.)

Currently eating to my meter, LCHF.
last lab test 6.1 (10-20-2012)
Metformin supported

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~~ Hi Montana ~~

I don't know how helpful this will be, but I had a cyst on my ovaries when I was much younger, and before I started showing signs of metabolic syndrome, back in the days when I was still skinny. It was very painful. My OB/GYN did not prescribe any treatment or diet for it, he just said we would watch it, and that in most cases the cyst would resolve in a few months, and in my case, it did, and I never had trouble with it again. I did use some mild OTC pain relievers in the mean time.


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I had it, with all the symptoms, but it was back in the early '60's when I was wanting to have my family and they even took wedges out of my ovaries but it was never caused that...they called it Stein-Levanthal Syndrome at the time. I managed to have two healthy children, but ovulating was always a painful time. I had trouble carrying my babies, so they treated me with progesterone and thyroid altho' saying it was low normal. I was very thin so if they knew of PCOS then because of my weight I didn't qualify.

No one ever suggested diet then and it was only a couple of years ago that my endo said I had metabolic syndrome and had all my adult life. That's when I put myself on this diet and began watching my BG.

Good luck,

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I have PCOS. I was diagnosed when I was about 16...so 19 years ago. Didn't matter to me much then, however now that we want children, well...it matters.

We went through three rounds of clomid about two years ago and it didn't work. Metformin helps so I asked my doctor for a prescription in September. It took 8 weeks but my cycle has come back. Started charting on Thursday to see if the body is starting to work again. Time will tell I suppose.

I don't have all the symptoms, just insulin resistance, cysts and obesity. I don't have hiruitism or acne.

Changing my diet didn't do anything, nor did losing 40 pounds, only the metformin has made a difference. I tried herbal supplements, d-chiro-inositol is supposedly very good, but that didn't work for me, just drained my wallet.

I am still trying to stay on LC/HF diet, hopefully I can lose another 50-60 pounds and I am hopeful a new little non-furry addition to the family will come to us in 2013

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From what I understand about PCOS (I don't have it, I have endometriosis instead), it is usually a complication of insulin resistance. Some women have great success by taking metformin and eating a low-carb diet. Others may have to do more research and testing to find a working solution.

There is a new blogger on the scene, Paleo for Women, that has been doing a series of posts of diet, health and female issues. You may find some helpful information or just new ideas to look into:

Paleo for Women | Paleo and PCOS

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Originally Posted by Montana.alvidrez View Post
Hi I was wondering if any of you ladies have polycystic ovarian syndrome and how your life/eating changed with getting diagnosed with PCOS. thanks
Hi Montana, I been diagnosed with POCS since 2006, I'm still learning about how to get my levels down. I recentley quitted smoking so hoping that will bring my levels down. I'm still learning about POCS and lifestyle changes.

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