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Fed up - Page 2

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Originally Posted by VeeJay View Post
Most people, however, have no clue that what they are saying isn't good science. (Science??? what's that?!) They are only spouting what they have heard (on Dr. OZ, etc.) or read - or worse yet, what their doctor/nutritionist told them. They hang onto this mis-information thinkin it's the truth, so they will not hear anything that opposes this.
Maybe our first response should be something to the effect of 'can you explain what you mean?' or 'do you know the basis of your contention in this regard?' And when they finish stuttering, go ahead with explaining the science of it all.

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I usually will make a comment, but unless I'm asked I do not explain myself to anyone. I have more important things to do in this life of mine than to fight or argue with people who take what these quack doctors and nutritionists have to spout. If I am asked, I will explain why carbs and grains are so terrible for diabetics. I will tell them my history with it as well. If they are truly interested, they listen. If they are not, I see the glazed look in their eyes and shut up. No sense going on if they are really not interested. Let them learn.

Fortunately most of my family is on board with the low carbing. My sister's are both eating less carbs and so is my husband. My children as well are watching. That's all I can hope for. Oh, so is my best friend. That's what I call loyalty!

And yes Hostess did go belly up and from what I've read, the shelves at many stores are empty as people made their mad dash for those twinkies and king dongs and ho-ho's. Hope they have big freezers...

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Nothing better for a growing boy than a box full of ding dongs and a bag of synders potato chips. Sorry to see them go.

Another example is my SNL, she has had numerous surgeries on her stomach to try and correct numerous surgeries on her stomach, yea she is in a revolving doctors money pit of milking the insurance companies. She now has been Dxed with GastroP. I tried to talk with her about what to do and what to take, she was completely ignorant of what I was saying. SHe kept saying things like, my doctor says, he wants me to. Right now she's eating animal crackers every 2 hours and thats it.

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I constantly get the " a lady I work with keeps fun size candy bars at her desk and she is diabetic" or "I heard that ____ will cure diabetes".

I used to try and explain but I gave that up. The blank stares and the "but they said on Dr. Oz" showed me they weren't listening. They just know better than me, the person who reads about it and deals with it on a daily basis. I swear they even think I want this as I am not willing to get a gastric bypass or eat fun size candy bars.

You show me a diabetic eating fun size candy bars and I will run my A1C against theirs any day. I just let them spew their nonsense and thank them for their concern while avoiding any further discussion. As if I am going to take medical advice on diabetes from a non diabetic. Hell, my old doctor even believed I should be able to eat whatever I want and if I couldn't, I just needed more meds.

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yeah this is one of the "healthy" foods I started making prior to diagnosis and according to my meter I shouldn't be eating it anymore that was pretty disappointing.

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