Oops I ate Maltitol

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Oops I ate Maltitol

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Default Oops I ate Maltitol

Well, I had some "sugar free candy" I bought awhile back and I ate some of it (not much) and then my feet were all tingly and my bg went up a bit -- which I hate, because it freaks me out. I saw the ingredient maltitol, I threw out the candy.

According to Bernstein, the tingling I've felt since I lowered my sugar levels is a good thing, since it was almost nonexistent before I lowered my sugar levels, and now is a sign of healing, but anyway...

All gone now, so no big deal, I guess...back to slim jims.

Just another thing to freak out about (saw dr first mid-Oct)

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I seldom eat any SF candy now sweetened with Malitol. Not tingling though, just the usual intestional "issues!"

I needed some cough drops today and sucked on about three SF drops this morning. Malitol stomach gurgling (and other issues) this afternoon.

Last year I had some SF jelly beans - they actually made me crave more and to go bizerk with wanting to eat everything in sight.

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Originally Posted by VeeJay View Post
I seldom eat any SF candy now sweetened with Malitol. Not tingling though, just the usual intestional "issues!"

I needed some cough drops today and sucked on about three SF drops this morning. Malitol stomach gurgling (and other issues) this afternoon.

Last year I had some SF jelly beans - they actually made me crave more and to go bizerk with wanting to eat everything in sight.
I once bought a sugar substitute which I think was Malitol. It looked like sugar and we bought something like 250g of it. We added this sugar substitute in our tea and the tea tasted OK. But after a couple of hours I had mild diarrhea. We tried it again a day later and the same experience. My non-diabetic wife too had similar experience but it was not as severe as mine. We disposed off the stuff in our garbage can.


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I believe that Maltilol is sold in Europe as a laxative. It sure effects me that way. Haven't eaten any in years.


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I cannot use any of the sugar alcohol type sweeteners...I do get the intestinal problems from it (and Rad, mild diarrhea is an understatement on that one...I get SEVERE....like all day in the restroom). That is why I use Equal or Just Like Sugar.

I had a bout of the intestinal bug going around last Wednesday, and I thought it was getting better, but my stomach is still making all the "gurgling, watery" noises and still is somewhat sore. It must be inflammation.

I made the Crockpot Lasagna recipe MCS posted a link to this evening. It was very good, but unfortunately gave me a quick trot to the bathroom afterward, and the tummy is feeling bloated. Ugh. I hate stomach/intestinal issues.

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Malitol is basically sugar that does not hurt your teeth you digest 60% of it into glucose, but its not as sweet as sugar so manufactors have to use more of it to get the same taste, which means you will get pretty close to the same spike with Malitol as you would with a sugar product. On the bright side it doesn't cause tooth decay.

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Xylitol and Malitol, if I consume either of these I need to scope out where the restrooms are before hand. Its like casing the joint, only you need to make a deposit rather than a withdrawl.

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Maltitol spikes me like sugar. Xylitol makes me run to the bathroom, and then I get horrible stomach gas that night which makes it hard to sleep. Took me a while to figure that one out.


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Neither Malitol or Xylitol spikes me (but if I have some candy it is only one piece), but I avoid both most of the time.
If my throat is really sore, I do sometimes eat a couple of cough drops. I then always get a mild diarrhea .
I have not seen it sold as a laxative, but it is quite common instead of sugar in candy.

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Funnily, xylitol spikes my blood sugar and maltitol does not. I ate half a rather large container of chocolate-covered almonds sweetened with maltitol and my BG hardly budged. I was so sad about xylitol because I love the taste of it and wish I could cook with it more.

Both have me in the bathroom afterward, though, so maybe it's for the best!

Right now I use liquid sucralose. Not the tastiest, but it's cheap and there are no spikes or bathroom issues.

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