Politically correct terminology

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Politically correct terminology

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Default Politically correct terminology

Not that I am PC by any means, but I was at my wife's Christmas party and being a non drinker I kept asking for diet coke which was constantly coming out foamy. The bartender asked if I was diabetic or could I just have regular coke. I said I was and wasn't bothered at all by the question. Then he apologized and said he should have asked if I had diabetes not if I was diabetic. I told him I didn't mind but he said well you wouldn't ask someone with cancer if they were cancerous. So I was just wondering everyone's opinion on PC terminology

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I think it's much ado about nothing when there are much greater offenses being committed every time we turn around. Such as doctors' offices who treat patients the way Strawberry's been treated this week.

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All the rules of being political correct is a real pain sometimes especially this time of year.It took me a while to say happy holidays instead of merry xmas and happy new year.

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I have an autistic daughter ... and a daughter who has autism. Whaddevah!

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That's about what I thought. Leave it to someone that doesn't have something to put a name or label on it. As for saying Merry Christmas, I'll never back down lol. It may offend some religions to say it, but it offends mine to not say it.

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I'd just be glad he asked instead of just giving me regular Coke because he was lazy! I hear that happens in restaurants quite often.

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The difference between "has diabetes" and "is diabetic" is all in one's head if you ask me. If they get offended, they were looking to be offended...

It was nice that he bothered to ask instead of simply slipping you real coke and hoping you wouldn't notice. I have had that happen a few times and that is something that would offend me.

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I'm glad he asked yes but at the same time I could see the button he was pressing on the nozzle

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Personally, I always like the expression "I have a touch of sugar".

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Some day they will say - "metabolically challenged."

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