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Interesting conversation with my son - Page 2

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I had a similar conversation with my son (a dentist) and his wife (a pharmacist) and directed them to Diet Doctor - Real food for your health and Blood Sugar 101 as well as showed him my log of bg entries from when I was following ADA guidelines versus following LCHF. It surprised him - possibly even shocked him - at the results. Then I told him the differences between a low-carb low-fat diet and LCHF and how diabetics' bgs react. Also, the differences food affects a nondiabetic's versus a diabetic's bgs.

He remains moderately skeptical but admits it's enabled me to control my bg readings and lose weight. He no longer criticizes my diet, doesn't even say anything about it. Of course, he sees what I eat when having meals together. Oh, and my lab results have proven that LCHF works.

Good luck on educating your son. In the long run, it's very worthwhile.

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Thanks for the responses everyone. Not only will I be able to better educate my son, but I learned some things too. Very interesting.

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Originally Posted by CDB View Post
Whether it's how 'our' ancestors ate or not is irrelevant in the end. Genetic adaptations to diet can happen fairly fast. LCHF is effective for many people, that's what matters. Your son is getting hung up on method over results.
That is so true. Humans are truly omnivorous and a (healthy) person could survive on about anything. Not long ago I was watching a documentary on evolution and how they'd discovered how human saliva changed when we started to eat more starch in order to be able to break it down and make the most use of it. Does this mean that we should eat a lot of starch because we can? No. Does it mean that eating like we did originally is a perfect diet for us today? No.
It means that we are amazingly adaptable and therefore are able to eat what suits us today individually.

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Originally Posted by Anna1971 View Post
Anyway, playing devil's advocate here, I'm wondering what all of you LCHF'ers think about his logic? Why DID our ancestors die so young if the LCHF diet is what we are meant to do? (BTW, I AM doing LCHF, and it's working for me. I don't intend on quitting it.) Just curious.

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There were all sorts of scary parasites and viruses that modern medicine has erradicated.

Look up old medicinal tools of say the 1700s, Going to the doctor back then could be FATAL! They didn't even wash thier hands before surgery! It wasn't until after the civil war (1800s) that they started cleaning the operating room! I think it was the advent of nursing as a profession that reduced infections etc in medical facilities.

There was a discovery channel documentary on nursing and the care of soldiers.

Hope I didn't steal the thread!

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Your son is going to be a physicians assistant. He should know that basic hygienic standards were very low. That medicine was not nearly as advanced as it is now, people died early because their medicines were mostly herbal. Not to say herbal medicines aren't valuable, but in terms of our Paleolithic ancestors, even injectable insulin is relatively new.

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