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isisagate 01-06-2010 03:40

Diabetic Journal Free for Life
Don't want to be a spammer but I wanted to make everyone on here aware that I am doing a promo on facebook/twitter I wanted to extend to anyone on here. Anyone who wants to try out Manage your blood sugar and other medical stats with Diabetic Journal if you sign up for a free basic account between now and January 10th, 2010 and send me a message on here and you will be upgraded to a Free Premium Account for life. That means every feature present and future free forever.

I offered that on Sunday for the heck of it and shanny took me up on it and so I decided to open it up to the world for a few days.

So if there is anyone you know that might want to give it a try let them know.

PSHDOI 01-08-2010 20:41

This is a pretty interestign web application. Our institute is in the process of working on a similar diabetes care program that integrates web and social networking elements. IT-Healthcare folks unite!

nathanbrown03 01-11-2010 18:38

It seems im a day late!! I have regisetered for your site and would love to enjoy the added features of a premium account. Is there any chance you will be offering the deal anytime in the future or can make an exception for me? I am currently using sudar stats but would love to try out your site.



isisagate 01-11-2010 18:50

Sure thing, I have upgraded your account. If you go under account management you will see the change. Feel free to private message me on here with any questions, thoughts, suggestions or issues you may have and I hope you like it.

DaleH 01-26-2010 17:59

I know I'm a few days late (2 weeks actually), but any chance that you're still offering this? Keeping my fingers crossed....

isisagate 01-26-2010 18:06

Dale I have gone a head and upgraded you to the free life time account. Private message me if you have any questions or comments. And happy tracking! =)

DaleH 01-26-2010 18:17

that's great - thanks!

isisagate 01-26-2010 18:24

No problem, let me know your thoughts once you have used it some, The site is always under development with monthly releases so if you have any thoughts that would make it better for you fee free to PM them to me and they may get included in future releases. Also if you find anything cumbersome or difficult let me know.

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