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Tamagno 10-02-2013 10:18

147 this morning.

Suspended my pump yesterday during our faculty trio performance. While we played well, I ended up with a foray to elevated glucose of nearly 350. Much yet to learn!

Barbara, your photos are beautiful! What a blessing to live in such a place. As to partial retirement, I'm still a few years away, if my health holds out.

Taxes here are so high that only a few can afford this area in retirement. I would end up spending most of my social security money on property taxes.

Stopped Cymbalta for pain. No help, only side effects. Next up is Neurontin which I began last night. Some apparent relief this morning, though the dosage has yet to be titrated.

Home renovations should be complete this week. Most especially good work done by all the contractors involved, much to our relief! Very much looking forward to moving back into the master suite, now with three large windows looking out to the woods.

Oh yes, we are now experiencing moose sitings here in Connecticut of all places. One actually appeared on our school campus outside the parsonage. Good grief!

tish 10-02-2013 10:20

SNAP CD. 5.4 (96) and mine is valid and expires with breakfast.

My new A1c is 5.8% and this time I'm not screaming, knowing that I'm paying the price for my indulgent tantrum a few weeks ago. Strangely with it, my cholesterol is up to 6.6% and doc is bugging me to take something which I refuse, but I had it down to 5.7% just on a month ago. Interesting that it bobs up and down like that within short periods. Or is something amiss? And if so, I'm of the impression that it can easily be manipulated or am I wrong?

Barbara, those pics are beautiful of the mountain and love the red tree.
Thank you for sharing.

Moe 10-02-2013 11:44

103 this morning, 87 last night.

mbuster 10-02-2013 12:46

A 90 (5.2) this morning.

hitcheca 10-02-2013 13:19

116 on this almost fall morning.

clebo 10-02-2013 14:37

97 last night
97 this morning

newgrange 10-02-2013 15:42

106 this morning

walkerwally1 10-02-2013 15:47

123 this morning. Thought I was on a trend downward after yesterdays 105 but I guess not.

Patdart 10-02-2013 18:13

A lovely 90 this morning after having commercial meatloaf for dinner. Spiked me more than that last time I had it.

JT Reagan 10-02-2013 19:15

97 this morning after a second helping of commercial meatloaf. Couldn't resist. Aw well, today is another day.

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